What’s Calling You Forward?

What are you being called to do that you’re not doing yet? What would you love to do that you haven’t taken action on yet? WHAT’S CALLING YOU FORWARD?

What’s calling you forward? IT COULD BE ANYTHING AT ALL. It could be expressing your Self in a new way. What is it? What is it for you?

Really seeing that it’s not about what it is so much. It’s not about the action. IT’S ABOUT SAYING YES TO IT! 


Maybe your inner guidance is asking you to meditate in the morning. Maybe your inner guidance is asking you to go to the park. Maybe your inner guidance is saying let’s go dancing. WHATEVER IT IS. It’s not so much what it is. It’s just saying yes to it.


And then you go do it and then LIFE OPENS UP AND THERE’S MORE FOR YOU. And you see the next step. 

Because I could just say it’s just a video what am I making a video for? It’s not about the video. IT’S ABOUT THE EXPRESSION. It’s about saying yes to my Self.

THIS LIFTS US UP! Every time we say yes to ourselves, when we listen and do something our Soul is guiding us to do OUR SOUL GETS HAPPY! It gets excited and we get energized.

And WE BUILD THIS TRUST WITH OURSELVES and with life and with everything, really. 

When we say yes to life, life says yes to us. AND WE MOVE FORWARD. And we’re shown more. This is the way. This is the way.


This is what LOVING SELF COMMITMENT is all about. When you have the loving self commitment. WHEN YOU SAY you know what I love my Self so much that I’m going to commit to my Self no matter what. I LOVE MY SELF SO MUCH THAT I’M GOING TO COMMIT TO MY SELF NO MATTER WHAT. This means I’m going to do what’s best for my Self.

I know what’s best for my Self is LISTENING TO MY INNER GUIDANCE. So I’m going to do this. And this is simple. I can do this. Because if I had a whole list of things that I said I was going to do, I would have no idea if I could do all those things. But…

I KNOW THAT IN THE MOMENT I CAN LISTEN TO MY INNER GUIDANCE. I can commit to my Self. I can say yes to my Self. I can trust my Self. 

And remember that this is the way. THIS IS THE WAY TO ALL MY HEART DESIRES.

Now it’s your turn. WHAT’S CALLING YOU FORWARD?

Are you listening? 

loving you

~Amy xo

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