What If You Can!

LetYourSpiritSoarWhat if you can!

This is what I hear from my Inner Guide these days whenever my mind begins to question whether or not I can do something I desire to do.  In those moments my Inner Guide rescues me from what could be a downward spiral and lifts me up into seeing something more, into engaging with infinite possibilities.  In this place I am open to receiving my Inspiration! 

Inspiration is all our brilliant ideas & when we listen & when we open to receive & when we embrace our brilliance, we are shown the way of how we can as we are naturally guided in the direction of our dreams.  Yet it’s not a can’t wait till I get there kind of thing; it’s an enjoying the beautiful journey seeing & experiencing all your heart desires along the way feeling & knowing there is always more for you! 

I am continually being reminded there is no room for doubt for what I desire to see & experience in my life!  I no longer have the luxury of listening to my ego rant & rave about what it thinks I can do or not.  That use to be a very distracting habit for me.  I use to not only listen; too often I believed.  Too often I allowed it to stop me.  Too often I settled for less.  Too often I thought it wasn’t possible.  Too often I let my mind distract me from freely expressing who I am!

Whenever we begin to question whether or not we can, doubt has an easy entrance.  And where there’s an ounce of doubt there is lack of trust.  And when I feel like that it makes it very challenging to believe and if left on its own could drag me into a lower vibe where my mind convinces me to believe in a lie.  The lie of you can’t.  What if you can!

It doesn’t matter what the mind thinks when you remember who you truly are

Making a decision makes all the difference.  Making the decision to choose your Self over anything else including your mind!  Making the decision to only ask empowering questions all the time!  Making the decision to take such good care of your Self so you always FEEL GOOD * this way you are in tune with LOVE living in the vibration of your Brilliant SOUL Self!

If you really knew what you are truly capable of you’d be Amazed in the most AMAZING Way Be Fascinated by your Creative abilities Be Fascinated by your Dreams you dream Be Fascinated by your LIFE is truly on your side This way you can clearly SEE All You Can Be Feel the Fascination of Infinite POSSIBILITIES Feel the Wonderful Wonder of YOU!

What is the one thing you would LOVE to do yet haven’t done yet?  What if you can!  What if you begin practicing What If Up thinking instead of what if down thinking?  You can feel how what if up thinking lifts you up!  And what if down thinking brings a person down.  So if you’re feeling down, turn it around.  What if you can!  So next time you are wondering… ask what if I can?  What else is possible?  And be open to receive 😉

What if you can be all your Heart Desires!

What if everything works out for you just the way you like it!

What if you can be free to fully express your Self!

What if you can open to receive more in your Life!

What if you can enjoy a wonderful Holiday with your family & friends!

What if you can begin asking your own empowering questions for you!

What if you can FEEL GOOD right now!

What if you can forgive & let go of all that no longer serves you!

What if you can get out of your own way &

I Believe in LOVE
I Believe in YOU!!

Namaste ☆

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One Reply to “What If You Can!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I absolutely Agree with you & can Appreciate everything you’ve shared… ❤

    Amy, I Believe… Everytime I experience “Doubt”… I am “Disconnected” to Who I Came Here To BE… The Powerful & Divine Me!!!

    What a Beautiful, yet Empowering way get back on track & be “In-Tuned” with mySELF…

    Asking, the right Divine question… WHAT IF I CAN?!

    Amy, Continue being AMAZING!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ