What if YOU ARE already DIVINE!

What if YOU ARE already DIVINE!

would you desire to know this? Now ask your Heart. What would LOVE say to you right now here in this moment for you * Breathe * open your Awareness & FEEL how you feel as you listen to the following words with your Heart

What if you already are everything you’ve somehow decided you are not? What if you are an Infinite Being within and beyond your body? What if you are already Expansive and Free to Create & Be Anything your Heart Desires? What if you can open the way to Being Everything you have decided it’s not possible to be? What would this mean for you in your Life?

If you tuned in to my last 2 blogs posts you are now aware of Sleep Living and you know what it means to Wake Up to Your Life! Now you are ready to Live within your Divine Self acknowledging your Power!

To live within your Divine Self is to live from Inspiration Freedom & Love fully Expressing You!
Acknowledging your Power is to recognize the existence and truth of your Creative Ability

Your Power is your Ability to change and create a world you love to see. Your Power is your connection to the Divine. Your Power is the LOVE flowing through you as you continually choose to LIVE within your DIVINE SELF acknowledging your POWER!

What if the Truth of your Soul Heart Self always transcends the reasons of your human mind self? What if there are no rules & we’ve just been fooled to forget what we love and do what we’re told? What if you refuse to listen to lies (feels bad) and choose to tune in to only Truth (feels good).

Are you beginning to see how questions open up your awareness to see & receive more possibilities for you! And if you can imagine it you can experience it and if you can experience it you can feel it and if you can feel it you can believe it and if you can believe it you can be whatever It is your Heart Desires! How does this sound how does it FEEL to know you are Free and you can be all you Love!

Here are 2 ways to live this way now
1 – practice being present
2 – choose to feel good

Nothing matters more than this moment * it is meant to be experienced by your Presence * it is always a Gift * the Present Is for You * and how you Feel as you Experience your Present means everything * how you are Feeling matters more than anything * FEEL GOOD!

You Are already DIVINE 😉

Are you ready to live this way?
Stay tuned for more LIVE ALIVE
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Live in LOVE


6 Replies to “What if YOU ARE already DIVINE!”

  1. Dear Amy, Your part in this I AM reality is like a tremendous beacon of light, that seems to show up when it’s needed most. I am soooo grateful to be connected to your Energy, my heart is full of Love to spread, and I know that your Energy is so much a part of that. Love and Light for you always, Namaste’ my dear friend.~Mark

    • Dear Mark,

      Wow * AMAZING * I Feel your LOVE in your Beautiful expression ❤ thank you for your wonderful presence here * I am so grateful for YOU!

      sending lots&lots&lots of Love to You

  2. Dearest Amy,

    I Agree… “We Are All Divine & Beautiful & Brilliant & Powerful Beings!!!” ❤

    Let’s Wake-Up & Be Who We Are Truly Meant To Be… Sharing our LIGHT & LOVE with the World!!!

    Amy, Thank YOU for Being YOU and always sharing Your Light, Love & Heart… ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    • Dear Bell,

      Thank you for being here ALWAYS Inspiring me with your LOVE * YOU are an Amazingly Divine & Beautiful & Powerful Being ❤

      I love you!

  3. Feeling Beautiful & Loving my Life & You always & forever. Thank you for making such a beautiful difference in my life by just sharing your gifts. WE are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Creations that are creating the life in which we want to live in.

    Peace Love & Joy,
    ❤ Lisa

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you for Being who You are*
      Thank you for Expressing your Brilliant Beautiful Self ❤

      Loving YOU Always!