What Feels Good?

When we remember who we are, when we live from our heart, when we live in the moment, WHEN WE FOLLOW OUR INNER GUIDANCE, there’s no need to plan and future-plan all the time trying to figure out what’s next…

We can just allow it to all unfold. THIS IS A NEW WAY OF LIVING. It’s not what we’re taught. It’s a new way of living. It’s a beautiful way to live! Imagine never having to plan anything and putting all that energy into planning and thinking so much about things. And just LETTING IT ALL UNFOLD and BEING SURPRISED

When we live from our heart and when we follow our inner guidance IT ALWAYS TAKES US TO WHERE WE DESIRE TO GO anyway.

This is where LIFE CAN BE AN ADVENTURE. This is where life can be fun and interesting and JOYFUL AND AMAZING. It’s no fun to know every detail everything that’s going to happen. 

And then when I try to plan every detail and it doesn’t happen the way I think it should happen then I get mad. I don’t like it, my ego-mind doesn’t like it. I get upset. It didn’t go the way I planned. Oh well, guess the days over and we’ll start again tomorrow. It didn’t go the way I planned. My human self just wants to like have a little bit of a temper tantrum and just give up or just be pissed off.

And I’m living in a new way here now. Just living in the moment. LIVING IN THE MOMENT. Trusting. Trusting. Trusting. Trusting. Living in the moment. Just letting things unfold. Following my inner guidance. Taking inspired action in the moment. Being here now. Tuning into WHAT FEELS GOOD.

THIS TAKES TRUST. It takes practice, too. Staying out of your head. You can’t do this when you’re in your head, thinking. The ego-mind won’t let you. It will try to take control. Saying no you gotta do it this way. Oh what about this? What about these people what do they say? No this is the way you should do it. No we should do it this way. This is the rule. This is what everybody else does. You should do it, too. Ha ha. Don’t listen to that! TUNE INTO YOUR INNER GUIDANCE. Pay attention to…

What feels good. WHAT FEELS GOOD. What feels good.

Ask your Self what feels good? And FOLLOW WHAT FEELS GOOD FOR YOU!

loving you

~Amy xo

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