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Your #1 Place for Waking Up to the TRUTH of Who You Are!

We all have the Power to Create an Amazing Life!  It’s not in some of us… it’s in All of Us*

“You were born with unique and valuable gifts meant for you to be and do what you Love while always allowing your Self Freedom to Express Who You Are.”  This Is Living Alive!

~ Amy Huentelman

Live Alive™ Philosophy
Love & Freedom + Expression = Living Alive


Live Alive Healing™

The purpose of Live Alive Healing™ is to assist you in releasing resistance on anything that is preventing you from being in alignment with who you truly are so you naturally attract all your heart desires.  It’s a special kind of cellular healing designed to Heal your Heart, Open your Heart so You Can Fully LIVE FROM YOUR HEART.

Live Alive™ Dream

What if there is so much more for you than you can even imagine right now… what if you stir up your dreams and your reason for being… what if you were told the Truth?

Live Alive™ Invitation

How long can you live cleverly pretending you are not living a lie, that you are indeed living the life you’ve dreamt of?  Isn’t it time you take a moment and remember who you are, what you came here to be and get on with it?  Pretending is exhausting. Living your passion is exhilarating!

Live Alive™ aspires to INSPIRE all Souls in the Universe to come and
JOIN US in Living Alive!

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10 Replies to “Live Alive”

  1. Thank you for this video. This is a very important message, and we should all take a moment to think about our own life and if we are actually doing what we love and being who we were meant to be.
    Thanks again
    Jessica T.

  2. Amy,

    You are so Wise, for a young lady. I just wanted to let you
    know, your video, is very good. I just love how I feel, after watching it. Thank you for Sharing your love and kindness, for all of us.God Bless, and keep you in His Loving Arms. Dick Blocher

  3. Hi Amy! I love your message. So many of us need these reminders to break out of shells and make the most of our wonderful lives. Really glad I’m here now.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful work, from me, and on behalf of everybody needing this powerfull tool, THAT WILL help us on this jouney of awaikening and gaining conscience of our inner powers and energy. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR.

  5. Love the vibration with the video. Thanks for the important work you do in the world.

    Hope you will join our community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all.

    Judy H. Wright

  6. A-a-a-h-some! I just love this video. It makes me feel so calm and happy 🙂 Thank you for sharing, I watch it every morning because it starts my day off making me feel refreshed and alive. Excellent production, very intuitive approach.

  7. ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ⋰ ⋮ ⋱
    May you always hold Kindness in your Soul
    Compassion in your Heart and a Gentleness in your Actions
    Truth in your Words and Wisdom in your Thoughts
    So you may be Affective and a Shinning Light where ever you Tread
    May the effect of your Touch be Comforting and a Healing to those who have a Need
    May you hold Goodness of all Life in your Being then your journey through life will have been worth While
    Hugs from my Heart Loving You all in Oneness

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