Wake Up to Your Life!

Wake Up to Your Life! The time is NowSee what’s possible for you!

You are invited to DREAM again so you remember your PASSION and joyfully do what you LOVE. This is an invitation to change your point of view and see your life in a new way.

Have you ever considered why you believe what you believe * the reason you do what you do * how come you think what you think * why you say yes and why you say no? Who or what is running the show called your life? Who is guiding you * your ego or your Soul * where are you tuned in to listening * your mind or your Heart.

You can wake up to your life in any moment

Wake Up to Your Life is a reminder to rise higher so you can see further. It’s a loving alert to change the view * Understanding You Have a Choice: you can look through the lens of fear and exist in bounded problems OR you can look through the eyes of Love and Live in Infinite Possibilities!

It’s time to wake up and see that the ego mind is a very clever and convincing trickster. It gets our attention making us think we are it and if we are it then we ‘think’ what it says must be true so we listen to what it says and we believe the lies it tells. You are not the mind. You are not the body for that matter. You are neither your thoughts nor your emotions and you are not any label society has placed upon you.

You are the SOUL
You can focus on your mind & think you’re it
& live from memory and limitation OR
You Can Tune Into Your HEART
Remember the Truth of who you are &
Live from Inspiration and FREEDOM!

Wake Up to Your Life is a vital call
to stop letting your mind run the show called your life!

When you wake up to your life you see you have significant say in the way you Live your Life. You have the power to create by your choice. You have free will. You can think whatever you desire & focus your energy on whatever you like. What do you choose?

Waking up to your Life is a shift in your awareness from mind consciousness to Heart consciousness. It’s a loving command to change the channel from fear to LOVE. It’s about AWARENESS * Being infinitely Aware * tuning in to your body Heart energy Intuition & noticing how you are Being * checking in with your Self to see how you are Feeling. This way you begin living your life in a high light seeing with your Soul’s sight. This way you live your Life fully knowing & clearly seeing there is so much more for you! It’s a message from your Soul to allow your Self to Be all your Heart Desires!

Every time you choose your heart over your mind you wake up to your life!
Here are 5 Ways to Wake Up to your Life Now!

1 – Take Time to Dream! Go inside your imagination where anything is possible for you and DREAM whatever your Heart Desires! Do this often and always & it’ll life you up!

2 – Change your routine. Mix things up! Begin thinking about new ideas & unique ways. This will stir up the Energy opening the way for Wonderful Change in your Life!

3 – Every single Day give your Self the Gift of doing what you LOVE the most!

4 – Know that nothing is missing. It is ALL within YOU!

5 – Remember Life Is Always FOR You * the Universe has got your back 😉

Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE

One Reply to “Wake Up to Your Life!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I say “YES” to… “Waking-Up To My Soul * Purposeful Life & Be Who I Came Here To Be!!!” ❤

    Amy, I now SEE the world differently, through Eyes of LOVE…

    YES! YES! YES!… “Let’s Wake-Up Together… The Time Is NOW!!!” ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ