Value Who You Are

value yourselfValue WhoYou Are ❤ 

Know you are wonderful * amazing * lovable * worthwhile * valuable!  Not because others think so.  Self Worth comes from knowing your Self 🙂

You are invited to know & appreciate your True Worth so you now Rise Up & BE the one you came here to be YOU!  This is an invitation to allow your Soul to Brilliantly shine through you so you naturally Live Your Soul Life * the life you came here to live!

What do you value?  What is worth more than anything else you can imagine?  And what would you do for something so valuable?  Could you be trusted to take care of it?  How GOOD would you treat something so precious?  Would you be responsible? 

When you Value who you are you would never dream of not
Listening to who you are & what you came here to be!

To value who you are means you take such Excellent Care of your Priceless Self so you always Feel Good!  Because you know feeling good is your natural state of being * this way you remember who you are * this way you hear the voice of your Soul * this way you don’t mind the minds of others * this way you are free to be you!

Awaken your Self first & you will see the way to make your Dream come true

Because the Way is already clearly written within you!

 You are Everlasting and Eternal * You are amazing Power * beautiful Light * endless Energy * radiant Joy * infinite Creativity * absolute Abundance * unconditional Love. The way you express your Self is like none other.  The way you express your Self makes you Uniquely You!

When you really understand who you are You Begin Using Your Divine Abilities to Create the Life You Came Here to Live!  The way reveals itself and comes forth naturally as you are always guided in the direction of your Heart Desires and Always remember your Essence and Trust Your Nature so the only thing you can Be is your Self * your one-of-a-kind Amazing Radiant Loving Self * which is your Gift to the world.

You can be anything you set your Vibration to * LOVE

And as you live your life in love IMAGINE you are falling in LOVE with who YOU truly are and you adore everything about your amazing Soul Self and you honor the magnificent temple you have the privilege of living in and experiencing life through * your body * it is an amazing gift!  And as you choose to be in love you are loving and adoring your body more and more each day which means you treat your body with respect * you take excellent care of your body *and you are now listening to your body * and you always give your body lots & lots & lots of LOVE!  And as you treat your body this way, your body responds by being the best it can be for you by being Vibrant Strong Healthy Fit Radiant & Beautiful for you * this way you are full of energy & enthusiasm to LIVE every moment of your AMAZING life from the highest vibration of LOVE & bliss echoing the FREEDOM and sound of your Soul while creating from the beautiful EXPRESSION of your Heart and the wonderful power of your Imagination * this is Living Alive!

Life is meant to be Wonderful for you & you are meant to FEEL GOOD
Yet for you to See & Experience Wonderful and Feel Good
You’ve got to be in the Vibration of Wonderful & Good &

You do this by taking such Wonderful & Good Care of your Amazing Self

so YOU Always FEEL GOOD & See & Experience WONDERFUL
It really is this simple 😉

 This is why it is so IMPORTANT to always ALWAYS always

VALUE Who YOU Are!!!


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Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE


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I appreciate you!

One Reply to “Value Who You Are”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    On this Beautiful Journey of Awakening… As I Embody my Authentic * Soul SELF… I realize more & more…

    * I AM Wonderful
    * I AM Amazing
    * I AM Lovable
    * I AM Worthy
    * I AM Valuable
    * I AM Divine
    * I AM So Much MORE…

    Amy, and YOU are too!!! ❤

    Today, I Am Choosing to Live a Wonderful & FEEL GOOD Life… In the Vibration of LOVE… Isn’t that the way LIFE is supposed to be!!!

    Amy, Thank YOU for always sharing Your HEART, Inspiration & Unconditional LOVE, my Friend!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ