There is no wrongness in Goodness!

there is no wrongness in goodnessThere is no wrongness in Goodness!

And you dear Brilliant Being are pure Goodness yet how often do you feel less than good?  What if you are an infinite being in a body with the ability to feel good in any moment?  Why would you choose to feel bad ever?  Of course when I say ‘you’ I also mean me & us  😉

What if the only reason you ever feel bad is because you are disconnected from your Self and/or your Soul is showing you what desires to be released so you can have more moments of feeling good because only when you feel good can you remember and know and feel who you truly are!  And when you remember, know & feel who you truly are * an infinite being in a body * you know you have the power to feel good in any moment.  And when you FEEL GOOD you allow more good things in your life! 

What if feeling bad is just a warning sign that you are listening to lies in your mind (old tapes) and it’s not who you are (anymore) and that’s why you feel bad.  The first thing to do is stop listening to your mind.  Tell your mind you’re done listening to its crap!  Here’s the thing – we’ve been programmed to think with our mind so much we think we are our mind and believe all the things our mind says.  So when our mind tells us something that doesn’t feel good or shows us what will most likely happen in the near future and it makes us feel less than good we often conclude that something must be wrong.  What if there is nothing wrong?  What if it’s just old stuff surfacing so you can let it go & Be Free 🙂

Close your eyes * Clear your Heart * Let it go!

What if you are being called to stay connected to your Self by leaving your mind for your heart and keep your heart open as you open up space around you and Feel your power!  Remember to breathe & imagine you are as big as the Universe.  You are an infinite being in a body connected to all.  Now make up your mind to see the truth for you.  Tune into your body and notice where you feel the heaviness (resistance) & be willing to let it go as you breathe it out releasing the lie, deleting the false story/belief and continue to breathe until you know it has been released and/or transformed into LOVE or above light energy * until you Feel Better!  And now you are free to create new beliefs to support your vision of what you prefer to create and turn your new chosen beliefs into I AM statements.  I AM are the 2 most powerful words you can say and make sure what comes after I AM is always & only what your Heart Desires.  For example:  I am love * I am joy * I am innocent * I am feeling good * I am expressive * I am powerful * I am loving who I am * and FEEL this in your body * feel your energy flowing through your body * and if you feel any resistance just breathe it out continuously breathing in and out until you FEEL GOOD again!

Take Control of Your POWER * Stop giving control to your mind * Every time you listen to your mind * Every time you have a conversation with your mind * Every time you think you have to believe what your mind says is true * You give your authority to your mind allowing your mind to run the show of your life * You allow your mind to use your Power to Create your Reality in the only what it knows how * It can only create your reality based on your past programming of what has been in the past.


You are the SOUL

You can focus on your mind & think you’re it

& live from memory and limitation OR

You Can Tune Into Your HEART

Remember the Truth of who you are &

Live from Inspiration and FREEDOM


& Always Remember

There is no wrongness in Goodness!

& YOU Are Pure GOODNESS!!!


Live In LOVE

❤ Amy


One Reply to “There is no wrongness in Goodness!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I agree with what you’ve shared…

    “…When you FEEL GOOD, you allow more good things in your life!” ❤

    It’s like, manifesting what we’re vibrating right now…

    Amy, Thank YOU for reminding me… “I Am Pure Goodness!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ