The Power Of Gratitude

The best way to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE when you are feeling less than love is to focus on what’s good in your life so you can be in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is the way to remember.  Gratitude works miracles because gratitude brings us back to LOVE.  And love brings us back to our SELF.

When you are in a state of GRATITUDE

You Open Your Heart

When you open your heart

You Remember Who You Are

You are ❤ Power ❤ Light ❤ Energy ❤ JOY ❤ Creativity ❤ Abundance ❤ LOVE

When You Remember Who You Are

You Let Your Life In &

when you let your life in

You FEEL you are Unconditional Loved

You TRUST you are Divinely Guided

You UNDERSTAND you are Uniquely Gifted

You APPRECIATE you are Forever Free

You KNOW you are here to Express Your Self

You BELIEVE you are a Genius Creator

You ACCEPT you are Eternally Alive!

You ARE in a State Of GRATITUDE

My heart desire is for you to feel good.  Truly.  My heart desire is for you to know you are LOVE you are Loving you are Lovable you are Loved.  Why?  Because when you FEEL GOOD knowing you are LOVE loving lovable & loved you are in a place where you are able to feel your heart & hear your intuition and when you can feel your heart & hear your intuition you begin to BE IN TUNE WITH WHO YOU TRULY ARE!  And when you are in tune with who you truly are you are in the vibration of LOVE!


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