The Live Alive Way

The Live Alive Way 

is you Living your Soul Life * The life you came here to live!  This is the way of LOVE ❤

Imagine today you are born anew * and with this new birth comes the ASTONISHING TRUTH of who you are & YOU REMEMBER why you came here * You can sense you have a special unique purpose * a REMARKABLE GIFT to bring forth & this gift can only be expressed through you * no one else * and to assist you in manifesting your gift * You were given your AMAZING DREAM to Inspire You * You were given your BRILLIANT ABILITY to Create your Vision * You were given your FASCINATING IMAGINATION where you can See Feel Experience your Desires & You were given a BEAUTIFUL HEART so you can easefully hear the Voice Of Your Soul!
Wow! Isn’t this Amazing! How does it get any better than this!

Yet here’s the predicament – most don’t believe AND Living This Way requires Living from Our Heart in LOVE in a world where we’ve been programmed to live from our mind in fear.

So how can we see to believe?

The way to see is through your heart yet we’ve been looking through our mind
The Heart is pure & knows only Truth – the mind is diluted & deluded with lies

Notice what your mind alone sees and says about you & what’s possible * NOW Imagine you are looking at your Self with eyes of LOVE through your Heart * Feel the difference *

You see there is a mystery your mind cannot understand so your mind tries to make you think it makes no sense and that could cause a human to disregard this Amazing Mystery of Love ❤ With a Desire to be freely Expressed & Fantastically received by you!

The real mystery is how you/we/i INFINITE BEINGS
Could have fooled us for so long – we are good & crazy
We are Genius
It was part of the plan
& NOW is the moment to
WAKE UP WAKE UP wherever you are
Open your eyes to the TRUTH

So we’ve been told otherwise
How can we believe?

To believe you must
Leave your mind to
Be with your Heart
& practice LOVE
In everything
YOU be
Now 😉

So can REALIZE what’s real
& what are lies
This way you
Following your Inspiration

Be Who You Are

You were born with unique & valuable
Gifts meant for you to be & do what
You LOVE while always allowing your
Self FREEDOM to EXPRESS who you are!
This is Living Alive!

Live Alive was created with Love
& designed to Awaken your Soul
To the Highest Truth for You!

You are the SOUL
You can focus on your mind & think you’re it
& live from memory and limitation OR
You Can Tune Into Your HEART
Remember the Truth of who you are &
Live from Inspiration and FREEDOM

The Live Alive Way is the way of LOVE

Live In Love

P.S. If you are ready to Live Your Soul Life *
The life you came here to live 😉

Stay tuned for more LIVE ALIVE!


4 Replies to “The Live Alive Way”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I Say YES to… Living The Live Alive Way!!! ❤

    Amy, Thank YOU for reminding me to “Live From My HEART…” & “Be Who I Came Here To Be…”

    I absolutely LOVE your Work!!!

    Continue Being YOU and sharing Your Brilliant LIGHT & LOVE!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    • Dear Bell,

      Thank you for Being YOU always freely expressing your wonderful Self ❤ Love you & so enjoy being on this Fantastic journey with you!

      Beautiful Blessings to you Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  2. Dearest Amy,
    I Love Your Heart & Soul You are Magnificent Brilliant & Amazing Shining your light for others to find theirs. You have been a constant support and inspiration in my life helping me to live in the Higher Vibrations of Love~ The Live Alive Way~<3~ I love my life & I love us!! Much love to you always.

    Lisa Bull

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your Love & Support.
      I love & appreciate you with all my Heart ❤

      Beautiful Blessings to you Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ