The Live Alive Video (What If… )

The Live Alive Video is designed to assist you in being out of your mind & in your body where you can feel the truth of the live alive message in your heart!

NOTE* For You to Fully Receive the most Wonderful Experience * Watch this video when you have a Moment all to your Self double click the video to Open Full Screen * Turn Up the Volume  LISTEN with stereo headphones * Press PLAY & HEAR only w/YOUR BEAUTIFUL HEART & Breathe 😉

This video currently has 55,793 views on YouTube.  Please FEEL FREE to share your experience below at the bottom of this page & I APPRECIATE YOU sharing/liking/tweeting The Live Alive Video 🙂

Thank you so much for being who you are here with us  

I See You Feeling High & Flying Free!
Just the way you were born to be Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Live In LOVE

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4 Replies to “The Live Alive Video (What If… )”

  1. Dear Beautiful Amy,

    Thank you for the love & support that you have given me as I have been following my own hearts desires.

    I feel that all people have this same opportunity to share what they were gifted with at birth.

    It is truly possible. I am living proof. Knowing that only I can imagine what I want to create in my magnificent life.

    The things that I love to do, really do bring me great joy. It feels wonderful to be creating such beauty in my life.

    I am aligning my self with the right heart & souls that care deeply about others.

    Its a beautiful dream come true for me. I am creating the world I want to live in. Encouraging & Inspiring others to do the same.

    Your Soul Sister,
    Lisa Bull

    • Dear Beautiful Lisa,

      It brings me great joy to See You so Full of JOY 😉
      Thank you my BRILLIANT Soul Sister ❤
      You ALWAYS inspire me!

      LOVE YOU*

  2. Amy, I LOVE you, and the work you do; just when I need it most your videos show up and calm me. Namaste’.