The Life You Came Here To Live!

The Life You
Came Here to Live!

You have a genius human mind self and a Brilliant Soul Heart Self

One believes what it believes
 One Knows

The Truth of Who You Are

You came here to See & Experience all your Heart Desires

All you have to do is Believe what your Heart already Knows

And you don’t have to try so hard to Believe
Simply release whatever is preventing you from Believing

Once the resistance is released
You are Free to fully Live from Your Heart

And when you fully Live Your Life from Your Heart in Love
Life will show you all your human mind needs to Believe

And when your mind believes what your Heart Knows
You naturally See & Experience all your Heart Desires

Now you are Living Your Soul Life
The Life You Came Here to Live!

U come 2 BELIEVE… U come to BE who U R *Uniquely Radiant*
and LEAVE your mind 4 your Heart.

When you absolutely choose to B *Brilliant* who U R
& leave the lower levels behind for the High Vibration of Love & Bliss…

U naturally BELIEVE in your Dreams! And when U Believe…
U can be do have anything your Heart Desires!


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