The Freedom To Be Your Self

The Freedom To Be Your Self

What is more Important to You… 
Protecting your Self OR Your Freedom 

You are Free to Act… Speak… Express… without restriction
Why do you watch your step, stifle your words & filter your feelings?

Notice how you protect yourself… 
Notice how your mind ‘chatter’ takes you out of the game of Being Free!
See how you relinquish your Freedom

If you protect your Self you will never be Free 

I wonder if for a moment… you can…
Let go of who you think you should be…
Let go of what you think you believe…

Silence the lies that keep you running & hiding & hesitating… keeping you bound… restricted… confined within certain limits

Go within to the Voice inside… 
the One who Loves & Guides you:-x 
Ever patiently waiting for you to Acknowledge, Trust & Know

 The Freedom To Be Your Self


♥ Spontaneously Sing Your Song ♥ Boundlessly 

Dance Your Way ♥ Lavishly Paint Your Story 

♥ Intuitively Write Your Inspiration ♥ Continuously 

Create Your Picture ♥ Passionately Color Your 

World ♥ Expansively Express Your Gifts 

♥ Independently Live Your Life ♥ Unconditionally 

Love Your Self ♥ No matter what!

 This Is The Freedom To Be Your Self


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