The Answer’s Always LOVE ❤

the answer's always loveThe Answer’s Always LOVE ❤

Is the most beautiful song written & performed by Siedah Garrett (best known for singing a duet with Michael Jackson on  “I just Can’t stop loving you” and co-writing the #1 single “Man in the mirror”). 

I absolutely LOVE this song and feel so inspired to share it with you today because this is the LIVE ALIVE message!  I had the wonderful pleasure of being present for her live performance of this song almost 2 years ago at the BraveHeart Women Rise event.  Siedah filled the room with her magnificent presence and when she started singing it seemed time stood still as her words penetrated my Heart awakening my Soul to the deepest and most profound truth of who we are and I couldn’t stop crying my favorite kind of tears.  You know those happy tears that just stream non-stop down your face like someone turned on the faucet of your tears and won’t turn it off until you really FEEL what you’ve been missing * LOVE * how good it feels to FEEL LOVE!  So I invite you to take a moment to listen to this beautiful song with an open heart along with the lyrics below & see how this makes you feel 


What if they called a war and nobody came

There’d be no one to fight with there’d be no one to blame

And what if there were no boundaries to keep us apart

What if the only thing we made was music love & art

What if we all knew we were one ‘cause we understood

This world would be the perfect place to love if only we could

You say I’m just a dreamer like it’s such a bad thing

You can ignore the dreamer but you can’t deny the dream and

I say I’m a True Believer & what I’m so certain of is

No matter what the question I know the answer

The answer’s always LOVE

By Siedah Garrett 

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The answer’s always LOVE because we are love!  Love is our very essence & when we allow our Self to feel love & be who we are * We Can Only Be Who We Are * LOVE!  And have you ever known anyone to hurt anyone in a state of love?  You can test this out on your Self right now.  Imagine or think about the one person/pet you love more than anything.  Go ahead take a breath and close your eyes and really feel the presence of this loved one & why you feel so much LOVE for this person/pet.  Notice how when you feel LOVE everything unlike love falls away.  And when you are feeling so much LOVE could you ever be unloving feeling this loved?

What if we could spread LOVE around the world?  What if we remember it begins with us?  What if we know we can choose LOVE in every moment?  What if it is easier than we think?  Why would we ever choose anything less than LOVE?  When we are feeling LOVE we are being who we truly are & when we are being who we truly are * anything is possible & Life just feels so wonderful!  What if we all decided to make it our FEEL GOOD priority to live this way…

Thank you for my LOVE

My LOVE is a creative Wonderful energy

I live surrounded by LOVE

I live from LOVE

I live in LOVE

I create from LOVE

This way I freely express who I am

This way I naturally experience all my Heart Desires

This is living from my Heart

This is living in LOVE

This is living my Soul life

This is BLISS!



Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE


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I appreciate you!

One Reply to “The Answer’s Always LOVE ❤”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I too, BELIEVE… “The answer’s always LOVE, because we are LOVE!”

    Amy, I loved what you’ve shared…

    “Love is our very essence & when we allow our Self to feel love & be who we are * We Can Only Be Who We Are * LOVE! ❤

    “We Are ONE… We Are LOVE…”

    Amy, Thank YOU for sharing this Beautiful LOVE Song ~ “The answer’s always LOVE” by: Siedah Garrett with ALL of US!!!

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ