“It is with certainty that I know from my heart that these 8 “Master Your Self” Healing Sessions have been without a doubt the most valuable course that have ever taken.  I had been being influenced by old thoughts & patterns that were learned over time & were still having such negative effects on my life that just did not feel good.  I had feelings of self doubt, low self esteem, depression, excessive worry & unexplained fears within.

I know that I have transformed those thoughts & feelings, on so many deep levels within my heart & soul.  I have left my mind for my HEART~

I Am Having loving thoughts & feelings for how Wonderfully Amazing I Am~ How you helped me to imagine hearing my own inner voice as we were moving through the session.  It has taken hold,  I am listening to how I feel. I am remembering all of it on a deeper level with each time I replay the session again.

Such Valuable Work to be able to release old thoughts & patterns that have been holding me back that are just not there anymore. It is AMAZING!!!

I really do feel so wonderful inside my heart of hearts.

It is with the love in my heart for my Self that I recommend this course to anyone that is struggling to find the answers that will transform your life into the one you came here to live.

I am moving forward.

It is as if I am on new legs, yet I remember how to walk.  Just on a more beautiful path. It is in following my open heart that is valued.  I am trusting how I feel & following its lead.

I imagined my office changing, & boom I have a new office that is more functional and feels wonderful to be in.

As I manifest the life I want to live and I am willing to make those changes the doors are opening to it.

I am excited to move through the next phase of my life with the valuable tools that you Amy have instilled in me that are helping me to value myself, my heart, my life, my everything.”

Lisa Bull

“Overall, the 8-Week “Master Your Self” Tele-Healing Seminar was simply, AMAZING!!!  I now F-E-E-L Empowered to be more ‘In-Tuned’ with Living My Soul Life by being more aware of my LAF!!!

The course was an opportunity for me to connect deeply with My Soul…  Each week, I looked forward to re-connecting with my Soul on a deeper level, while I consistently ‘Released’ things that no longer served My Soul…  And, the more I participated ~ fully, I was able to ‘Release’ those things that no longer served me…

During the Healing Sessions, I felt so many emotions…  Emotions that I didn’t know that were inside of me…  By the end of each session, I ultimately felt FREE; a sense of CALMNESS within my Core Being; I felt a deeper LOVE & a deeper JOY, as I delved deeper & deeper within My Heart and Soul…

‘I was able to connect with My Soul-Self completely…  Loving My-Self even More ~ Unconditionally…  It truly felt Divine…  I truly felt at Peace…’

I highly recommend signing-up for AMY’s 8-Week “Master Your Self” Tele-Healing Seminar to everyone who truly has a burning desire to CHANGE their lives from the inside-out…  & truly want to REMOVE any barriers that stops them from moving forward…  & truly desires to LIVE their Soul and Purposeful Life…

AMY is truly AMAZING & a Beautiful Soul who’s Passionate about helping others to LIVE ALIVE…  & be Who You Are Truly Meant To Be by Living Your Soul Life…  I absolutely LOVE her Work!!!”

Bell Rushing

“In my opinion there is no one that would ‘not’ benefit from this amazing 8-week “Master Your Self” Tele-Healing Seminar!  I was definitely attracted to the concept of this seminar that revolves around releasing resistance to certain topics in our lives that block us or prevent us from being who we truly came here to be.

The desire to heal yourself within and free up space so that you can fill your life with more of the things you love is a motivator of this seminar. If anyone is interested in this type of healing, it’s with my highest recommendation that you go through this seminar with a knowledgeable and experienced guide like Amy. She doesn’t leave anything out in these sessions.  You’re completely guided from start to finish. She also leads you with great instruction throughout the session regarding your breathing and breath work that she includes. Not only is she patient and peaceful but also easy to understand. She’s gifted with a very unique soothing voice that will make your experience that much more relaxing which in turn helps to release more resistance. Working with Amy has been a true blessing. An important piece of information to know is that when going through this entire 8-wk Healing Seminar, once you’ve completed it you still benefit because you will have also learned a few different tools or techniques such as the breath work that you can implement on your own whenever you want. You’ll have tools that you can put to use to continue releasing resistance for whatever seems to be blocking you in your daily life. This whole experience has been a blessing in my life and just at the right time. A blessing that I will forever be grateful for as it has improved and enriched my life in many ways. Thank God for people like Amy!”

Sherri J- USA

“I feel that these sessions are making a difference for me.  I am remembering to breathe when I feel anything less than Love.  I immediately release any negative thoughts and feelings, where before I would linger on those thoughts/feelings.  I am also moving forward in my life, compared to before, where I was stuck and stagnant in my business and life.  I have noticed more “synchronistic” events happening lately to me.  People calling me out of the blue, when I haven’t heard from them in years (regarding my home-based business).  And most importantly, I am feeling so much more at Peace with myself.

I learned that my imagination is powerful and a gift from God to use as a tool to manifest what it is that I want to see happen. Focusing on the positives and my Dreams are so important!

I feel I released my negative feelings about a situation that I was holding on to.  I notice that I really am able to go within deeply when I listen to you on these sessions. This session I believe I was able to clear all my chakras and experience feeling my Kundalini burning brightly!

Thank you so much for these amazing healing sessions!”

Alison Murata

“I went through the 8 week “Master Your Self” program with Amy in LiveAliveHealing.com.  I found myself releasing so much resistance and my body going through changes it had never experienced before.  My energy levels have been overflowing and I have learned so many techniques in breathing and using the healing ball of white light to ground me in my body.  I truly feel more amazing freedom in my life to be who I am and remember who I am.  Amy, you are outstanding and it amazes me how you are able get the message across to my soul to break free and be who I am today, now.”

With love and peace,
Darlene SBC

“I found out about AMY and her work unexpectedly.  I was, at the time, in need for something that would truly help me get through some major life issues. I just LOVE AMY’s work, and have been healing one step at a time.  Since the start, I loved AMY’s voice.  Her voice and energy have been very soothing and inviting at the beginning.  As time passed, I fully grew in love with the work itself-not to mention the effects of our work that I get to experience in my life as I go.  As mentioned, I have been overcoming step by step, considerable illnesses, and the breath work, the healing work we do, has been tremendously constructive.  So much so, that I find myself being able to make shifts, based on the healing sessions, within merely days.  What is even greater is that the shifts, once allowed, create great lasting changes in my life.  I am stronger emotionally, gentler also at the same time. I am stronger mentally, which helps me stand up for myself in my life better by the day.

It would be hard for me to describe the “Master Your Self” Tele-Healing Seminar in words.  It is like yoga, based on what you observe, or hear about it, hence, what you think it may be, is not even close to the true power of the work.  It is my belief that one has to EXPERIENCE it.  Like I did.  When I found out about AMY and her work, I had no clue what I was signing up for, I only knew based on feedback, that it was amazing, and that it was REAL.  Like I have, once a person gets a taste, and is truly open and ready for change, I believe AMY’s healing work can be life-changing.   I would recommend working with AMY to anyone who is serious about improving their lives, and leaving thoughts, beliefs, habits behind, even physical factors in their lives, that they no longer need, or those, they recognize no longer serves them.

If you are serious about changing your life, AMY is going to take you to where you need to go, within your own heart.”

Yours in love and gratitude,
Monika Kovacs

“I immediately felt inspired by Amy’s passion and intrigued with her knowledge.  So did my husband.  We “knew” Amy would be wonderful for our overall growth and personal development. We were so right! Through her course, we strengthened our understanding, appreciation, and retention of so many important elements and concepts.  I learned tons, and am still learning after the fact!  On the cellular level, it seems I successfully released significant resistance.  In fact, at about week 7, my lower back which had generally caused me pain, suddenly felt good!   I also noticed significant changes in how I experience situations, and even in my automatic thoughts and feelings.  Remarkable!  Through Amy, I made the decision to Live Alive, and in understanding what that means and how to do it, i have grown tremendously. I definitely recommend Live Alive Healing, LAF, and Amy’s courses for everyone else who is ready and open to experience a life enhancing adventure.”

Mindy Blackstien

“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to go through the 8 week “Master Your Self” Tele-Healing Seminar! I feel as though I have gone through another level of transformation and have let go of many un-needed thoughts, feelings, and ego-built desires. I have learned what it feels to live from your heart and value each moment in a different way. I understand how to connect to by soul and feel my way through life!

I decided to take this seminar to allow myself to be guided through the next level of my own journey, and was excited for each week’s new session. Each week built upon the previous and the full experience was amazing. I have even gone back and started to listen to each week from the beginning and gained even more understanding and insight. I have already recommended these sessions to other people and will continue to do so. The more people who can learn to live from their heart and step away from fear, means we are many steps closer to a world of higher consciousness.”

Jeffrey Kippel

“I decided to take the 8-week “Master Your Self” Tele-Healing Seminar with Amy for two reasons:  1. I had already been gifted with the opportunity to experience several group sessions with her; and 2. I was fortunate to receive a private one-on-one session with Amy, who showed me immediately her commitment to the work, as well as her extraordinary talents.

Each session in the 8-week course built upon the preceding ones. There was a definite momentum to the program, which compelled me to attend each session live, but one. I made up that one session with the mp3 recording, which Amy generously prepared for us.

I fully trust in Amy’s vision. Her intuition for guiding myself – and I believe everyone in our group – was absolutely brilliant! And I felt tangible improvements in my mental/emotional awareness, each and every week! Indeed, there were many sessions that for me started with fatigue and moodiness, only to finish feeling totally relaxed, clear and energized!

I would recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming more authentic, clearer about their soul path, and more joyously committed to it!! Amy’s love for the work and buoyant energy will inspire anyone to live alive! I cannot recommend her more highly.”

in Oneness,
Nigel Wolf

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