Take A Chance On Change 4 Your Freedom!

What is freedom?
And what does it truly mean for you?

How I view freedom has evolved over the years.
Today I see freedom this way…

FREEDOM Is absolutely Believing what you truly want to Believe!

FREEDOM Is Seeing & Experiencing the Life you came here to Live!

FREEDOM Is feeling High and flying Free!

FREEDOM Is Love & Expression!

So why do we resist this? Seems crazy when you think about it… why would you not want to absolutely believe what you truly want to believe so you can manifest your heart desires and live your dreams?

The thing is… it’s just not possible to believe what you truly want to believe if it opposes another belief you believe to be true.

We cling on to old beliefs that no longer serve us because we don’t want to change.  Oh we want to change we just don’t want to let go of what’s keeping us from changing.

What if you could take a chance on change?

Instead of resisting… Ask Your Self…
What (beliefs) am I willing to let go of in order to become who I came here to be?

What (beliefs) are you willing to say goodbye to in order to Live Your Soul Life!

“One becomes a butterfly when one desires to fly so much that one is willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

Take a chance on change & say YES to your FREEDOM!

When You BELIEVE In What You Truly Want To BELIEVE
You Are FREE To Be Who You Truly Are

Be Who You Are

& you begin…
Living Life In A High Light
Seeing With Your Soul’s Sight
This is Living Alive!

Love Always
❤ Amy

Live Alive!
You are meant to feel high & fly free

One Reply to “Take A Chance On Change 4 Your Freedom!”

  1. I am a dreamer, which I am so very thankful for. Some may see that as naïve and unrealistic, but it allows me to dream big and believing that what I wish to accomplish is possible.
    Your message is really inspiring and true and I think that more people should seek freedom in order to be truly happy. And yes, the change will be uncomfortable at first, but the reward at the end will be worth the effort.

    Jessica T.