What Feels Good?

When we remember who we are, when we live from our heart, when we live in the moment, WHEN WE FOLLOW OUR INNER GUIDANCE, there’s no need to plan and Continue Reading →

What If It’s Just You?

It’s amazing really. LIFE IS SO AMAZING. It’s so crazy. I had someone introduce the idea to me today, just feeling into the idea of WHAT IF IT’S JUST YOU? Continue Reading →

Why Are You Doing It?

Just want to tell you a quick story, just a quick story… DO YOU EVER THINK THAT YOU’RE CRAZY? That you have been through something that nobody else has been Continue Reading →

Loving Self Commitment

This is about LOVING YOUR SELF so much that you’re going to commit to your Self no matter what. This means you’re going to FOLLOW YOUR INNER GUIDANCE because you Continue Reading →