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Enjoy this Guided Meditation that will take you to amazing states of awareness and align you for real positive improvement in every major area of your life. You will be Guided on a Beautiful Journey to Remember Who You Are… What You Are Truly Capable Of… & Connect with Your Phenomenal characters of:  Power…Light… Energy…Joy… Creativity…Abundance… & Love… 

INSTRUCTIONS: As you prepare to listen to this audio recording, choose a quiet time when you have 35 minutes all to yourself. Relax on a sofa or a comfortable chair.  It is best not to use your bed as your subconscious equates that with sleeping. *Use with stereo headphones. *Do NOT use while driving or operating machinery.

Allow the words, sounds and music to guide you into a very relaxed state. Your conscious mind may wander and drift; that is fine. Your subconscious mind will hear everything. For best results, use once or twice daily for 30 days and anytime you want to feel amazing!  Enjoy the Journey…


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