See What Your Soul Wants You To See


It’s ALL Inside You! And just because you can’t see it ‘yet’ doesn’t mean it’s not there

Have you ever had a GREAT IDEA come to you like a FLASH OF LIGHT* seemingly Out Of The Blue and it’s so GREAT and POWERFUL that it SHOCKs your I m a g i n a t i o n WIDE OPEN and then there is a WAVE of B l i s s f u l CREATIVITY Flowing through you… INSPIRED by your Great Idea… and suddenly YOU have a CLEVER SOLUTION, the PERFECT PLAN, the RIGHT ANSWER, You Know What To Do , YOUR VISION IS CLEAR and Notice how You Can F E E L the CREATIVE ENERGY Pulsing throughout your entire body and you feel so FANTASTIC and ALIVE! with LIFE because you just gave your AMAZING IMAGINATION a work out and It LOVEd it!

That is the definition (my definition ) of a Shockwave … and here is what a ‘Shockwave’ looks like

How would you like to have more moments like that ?
How would you love to always be able to See What Your Soul Wants You To See Inside YOU!

Practice Daily Exercising Your I M A G I N A T I O N by creating 3 or even 1 great idea every day. And how do you do that?

* Have the INTENTION that you will * QUIET the MIND * OPEN YOUR HEART * BE present and AWARE of what’s going on * ASK Inspired Questions * STEP INTO YOUR IMAGINATION ♥  And ALLOW the ideas TO gently and HAPPILY COME TO YOU…

By the way, your FABULOUS ideas are right there for you now, patiently waiting for you to Open Your Imagination Wide so YOU CAN actually SEE them! A perfect time to do this is when you are driving your car, standing in line for something somewhere or during any kind of idle mind time.

………So instead of listening to the incessant chatter nonsense of the mind that can drive one crazy

* Command it to Stop * Breathe * Come Back to Your Amazing Self * Be Aware * Be Awake * Be Alive to the Present Moment * STEP INTO YOUR IMAGINATION * And Be Open To Great Ideas…

These ideas will arise from the answers to Inspired questions you ask yourself first! The questions will be Inspired by what You See, what You Feel and what You Notice about you. Ask: What do I want to create? If I could invent anything what would it be? What would happen if I was wide open to possibility and solutions regarding this situation? These are just to get you going. Ask your own questions… they’ll come to you!

And as you respond to your fabulous questions… your creative ideas will come to you easily… and you’ll find that you’ll surprise yourself and say… ‘Wow! That is a great idea!’

And you’ll write your great ideas down as they flow to you…
And as you have fun practicing this daily…
you condition your creative mind to open wider…
you exercise your imagination to show you an expansive view so
you can clearly see infinite possibilities and pleasantly surprising solutions
to assist you in CREATING What YOU Love.

And now YOU Have Clever Solutions… You Have the Perfect Plan… You Have Right Answers… You Know What To Do… You Have Clear Vision… YOU FEEL FANTASTIC!… and You Are A Creative Genius

Why seesaw when You can See-Soul
SEE What Your SOUL Wants You To See

YOU Are So Very AMAZING ! ! !

Sending You lots & lots & lots of LOVE 


Words Inspired by Shockwave Art
Artist – Carl Hunter

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