Pay Attention to Your Dreams!

Pay Attention to Your Dreams ❤ 

You are invited to Embody Your GREATNESS by tuning into your Desire * knowing your Readiness * tapping into your Energy * expressing your Awesomeness * creating your Music * and exploring your Sensation.  This way You become who you came here to be * your Soul Self!

This is an invitation to consciously pay attention to your DREAMS so you naturally take inspired action creating the life you love while freely expressing your unique & valuable gifts ❤ 
Your DREAMS are made up by your
Desire Readiness Energy Awesomeness Music & SenSATION!

Your DESIRE is your Passion!  What do you enjoy more than anything else?  What, in the acting of doing it, makes you feel Alive w/Enthusiasm * Give your Desire all your Loving Attention! meaning DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

Your READINESS is your Eagerness to Be More!  Who are you becoming?  Know you are ready to move!  You’ve been preparing for this moment all of your lives * Give your Readiness the GO sign 😉 meaning GET STARTED!

Your ENERGY is your Spirit * your Life Force!  How are you feeling?  What, if you decided now to let it go, would allow you to Feel High & Fly Free * Give your Energy permission to lift you up higher! meaning FEEL GOOD!

Your AWESOMENESS is your Unique Essence * your one-of-a-kind wonderful way of Being the Amazing You only you can be * Give your Awesomeness an avenue to Amaze Delight & Inspire! meaning BE WHO YOU ARE!

Your MUSIC is your Soul Expression!  What are you here to create & share with others?  This, when fully expressed, is your gift to the world * Give your Music space & freedom to be seen & heard! meaning EXPRESS YOUR SELF!

Your SENSATION is your Awareness * your Internal Guidance System * your Inner Knowing guiding you in the direction of your Dreams * Give your Sensation the respect it deserves! meaning FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION!


1 – Life was designed to BE EASY going with the flow FEELING High & Flying FREE!

2 – Life can only give you what you ASK for IMAGINE & BELIEVE to be already yours NOW

3 – Life can only hear a CLEAR SIGNAL!

so what is a clear signal you may wonder?

When you are clear there is no fear.

Clear means you KNOW exactly who YOU are and

you have a PURE & POWERFUL VISION of your dreams

and you LIVE in the HIGH LOVE VIBRATION of

RECEIVING all your 

Beautiful HEART




And here are 5 Ways to Pay Attention to Your Dreams!

1 – Listen to your Self * this means Follow the Voice of your Soul

2 – Do whatever it takes in any given moment to FEEL GOOD

3 – Practice Being Here Now * Give your Self the Gift of the Present

4 – Give all your Love & Attention to the Truth in your HEART

5 – Make the decision to Choose your Soul Self over anything else


Pay Attention to Your Dreams ❤ 




Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE


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One Reply to “Pay Attention to Your Dreams!”

  1. Dearest Amy,


    “When We Are Being Who We Are Truly Meant To Be, We Are The GIFT To Change The World…”

    Amy, I say “YES” to My GREATNESS!!! I say “YES” to My DREAMS!!! I say “YES” to being My SOUL SELF over anything else!!!

    I Love YOU, Amy!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ