Make Believe You Can

Make Believe You Can!!

and you will see & experience all your Heart Desires.  Make means to

So this means when you have confidence in the truth you can bring into existence.  Bring into existence what?  Whatever your heart desires when you have confidence in the truth you can.  Make Believe You Can! Yet somewhere along the way those 2 words were brought together as make-believe to mean a pretender.  And no one wants to be caught pretending to be something they think they are not because that’s not good (you’ve got to live in reality) so instead the choice is made to not believe in something perceived as bad.  What if no matter what the mind says you make believe you can anyway!

The truth is you hold the power within you to create anything your heart desires
Yet you can’t find the truth by thinking about it.  The truth is found within you.

Make believe you can because you can have confidence in the truth and therefore bring into existence all your heart desires.  Why?  Because you are BRILLIANT!  It’s just the mind has talked you out of your brilliance.  This is why you must wake up to the truth of who you are and you can’t wake up to the truth of who you are by listening to your mind!  And that’s all you do is listen to your mind all day long and your mind is genius it knows exactly what to say to get your attention and it’s so convincing you believe what it says and even begin having conversations with it.  And it brings you up and it brings you down.  It tells you all the reasons why you can or you can’t.  It shows you what is right and what is wrong.  It draws you in and pulls you every which way all day long.  The mind keeps you and holds you desperately doing whatever it can so it won’t lose its power over you.  And you’re loyal to your mind.  You think you believe in your mind; you think you’re it.  And you think you must be right even if it feels bad because the mind will say anything to be right above all else.  It will give you every reason every excuse every justification of why you must believe what it says.  And all the while LOVE is right in front of you yet you can’t feel love when you’re in your mind.  All your Heart Desires is here now yet to see & experience your heart desires you must come back to who you truly are.  You are not the mind so you can clearly see how if you stay listening to your mind you’ll never know who you truly are.  

The Beautiful thing is there is a Powerful Light inside you that shines like the sun unconditionally full of LOVE and when you open to it you feel it.  And you have felt it.  You’ve had glimpses of your Uniquely Radiant Brilliant Loving Self.  Yet only glimpses are possible until you become willing to choose your Self over anything else.  This means you give far more value to feeling good than you do to being right.  This means you choose your well-being over the minds need to be right.  Because until you decide to choose your heart over your mind every time, until then you remember for a moment then you forget remember forget remember forget.  And the forgetful periods last longer that the remembered moments so you’re not even convinced.  You still believe you are what your thoughts say you are because you’re still hanging out in your limited mind.  What if no matter what you see, no matter what you hear, no matter what you think, you tune into your HEART & say YES to your Amazing Self & you make believe you can!

You’re not who you think you are; you are so much more!
& to see who you truly are you must feel your way.

Whenever you find your Self thinking too much about something, stop and tune into your body to see how you are feeling.  Breathe.  Let go of the resistance to feeling good by letting go of the thoughts.  And decide to feel good.  You can do this by bringing to your awareness something you are grateful for.  Feel the appreciation.  This way you begin to open your heart and as you allow your heart to open continue to let go of any thought that doesn’t feel good.  Make feeling good your #1 priority because the more you feel good the more good you see the more you believe in your power to create good things in your life.  

Make Believe You Can!

I Believe In LOVE

I Believe In YOU


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