Loving Self Commitment

This is about LOVING YOUR SELF

so much that you’re going to commit to your Self no matter what.

This means you’re going to FOLLOW YOUR INNER GUIDANCE because you know this is what’s best for you. And you love your Self so much that you’re going to fully commit to your Self. This means you’re going to tune in and listen to your Self and you’re going to follow your inner guidance no matter what!

Know that as you follow your inner guidance and as you SAY YES TO YOUR SELF – you open up.

And you see something you didn’t see before. As you take a step forward for your Self and you do what you’re being called to do, when you say yes to your Self, things open up. LIFE OPENS UP FOR YOU!

And now more of you is emerging. You’ll FEEL MORE OF YOUR ESSENCE and who you are and your energy and your Spirit and your childlike self and how you felt when you were younger. Because contrary to anything you may have heard or noticed or experienced, we’re not meant to lose that as we get older. WE’RE MEANT TO EMBRACE IT MORE. We’re meant to open up more to who we are. And the only thing that can keep us from this is just all that stuff we’ve built up inside against who we are.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Love is who we are. IT’S WITHIN US. All we have to do is release everything we’ve built up against feeling it, being it, having it, experiencing it, love. Who we are. Open ourselves to love you, love me, love us, love life, love who we are.

And when we love who we are, the beautiful thing is we get out of the ego, we come down into our Self and we’re connected when we’re in love. We’re connected to our Self. And here there’s none of that DWF (doubt worry fear) stuff. Here there is a DEEP CONNECTION.

Here there is safety security peace joy love knowingness oneness wonder inspiration creativity.

And here we remember we came here to live. We didn’t just come here to go through the motions and do what other people do and follow the rules. WE CAME HERE TO LIVE and to fully be alive! We can’t do this when we’re disconnected. We can’t do this when we’re living in our head thinking all the time.

I’m excited and we’re having another party. It’s been awhile. We haven’t had a Soul Awakening Party in awhile and I am inspired to have a party. Lot’s of parties. We’re going to have lots of parties now.

Come to this party especially if you’ve never been before because you’re going to REMEMBER THIS.

This party takes place inside your imagination and we all come together. It’s a beautiful journey and it’s a meditation and it’s healing. It’s everything all combined. And we’re going to get out of the head and come down into the body and FEEL WHO WE ARE!

The theme of this party is: LOVING SELF COMMITMENT

Imagine you loving your Self so much that you SAY YES TO YOUR SELF. You are so committed to your Self. And it’s all about you. And what’s best for you. And as you decide to commit to your Self and fully love your Self, you’re going to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and why you are here. And it’s more than what you think it is.

As you decide and as you love your Self and you commit to your Self – commit to loving your Self – even if you feel like you do or you don’t, it’s okay, it’s all good, it’s alright. Just decide you’re going to commit to your Self and you’re going to open up and you’re going to feel more. Things will start to open up for you and you’re going to remember more of who you are and why you are here. You’ll come alive! And it WILL BE SO AMAZING FOR ALL OF US to do this together.

Come to our party!! It’s free. It’s online from the comfort of your home.

Let’s come together and remember more of who we are. And let’s decide we’re going to LOVE OURSELVES so much we’re going to fully commit to who we are.

Imagine tuning in and following your inner guidance and saying yes to your Self.

IMAGINE WHERE IT WILL TAKE YOU! Somewhere amazing. Somewhere beyond what you have imagined. More than you have dreamed. A place so beautiful and so wonderful.


loving you

~Amy xo



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