Live manifesting your GREATNESS flourishing in your ABUNDANCE

believe in your selfLive manifesting your GREATNESS flourishing in your ABUNDANCE

To LIVE Manifesting your Greatness is to perceive & receive the Divine Truth of who you are so you freely accept and honor your Goodness & Significance Flourishing in your Abundance is prospering & enjoying all your HEART DESIRES

What if all you had to do to make your Dream come true is Allow your SOUL to Brilliantly SHINE through you ❤ This way you naturally believe in your self!

If you tuned in to my last 2 blog posts you are now aware of DWF and you know what it means to Pay Attention to Your Dreams. Now you are ready to…




To live manifesting your Greatness means you acknowledge & utilize your POWER to Create the Life you Desire & you ALLOW your SELF to BE the Powerful BRILLIANT Being You Are so you can create the life you desire! Your Greatness is your Brilliance * it’s who you are & all you came here to be & express. To live manifesting your Greatness means you LIVE Freely EXPRESSING your Magnificent SELF as you create your Dreams from your Heart.


To Be Who You Came Here to Be you become your SELF first
Becoming is a process of LOVE


To Live Manifesting your Greatness is creating the Amazing Life you came here to live

Flourishing in your Abundance is enjoying the Amazing Life you came here to live


Changing your world doesn’t come

From just doing something differently

Changing your world comes by you

Being who YOU are capable of being!


No matter what you see no matter what you hear no matter what you think 😉

Tune into your HEART & Say YES to your Amazing Self Follow Your INSPIRATION

Your Inspiration is your LIGHT The Light Guiding You in the Direction of your DREAMS

How does it get any better & what else is possible for you!

YOU are a Super-STAR! The Only thing that keeps you from

Shining your Brilliance is resistance to Who You truly Are


You come to BELIEVE * you come to BE who U R * Uniquely Radiant *
and LEAVE your mind for your Heart. When you absolutely
choose to B * Brilliant * who you are & leave the lower levels behind
for the high vibration of Love & Bliss * you naturally BELIEVE in your Dreams!
And when You Believe * you can be do have anything your Heart Desires!

Live Manifesting Your GREATNESS flourishing in your Abundance!


One Breath can wake the dreamer to see the creator of the dream!




One Reply to “Live manifesting your GREATNESS flourishing in your ABUNDANCE”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    When I looked into the mirror today… I said to MySELF…


    And, when I allow MySELF to BELIEVE… In what My HEART Already Knows…

    “I Live in the Flow of Manifesting My GREATNESS flourishing in My ABUNDANCE with Ease…”

    Amy, YOU Are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    (P.S. I LOVE your Beautiful & Vibrant photos!!!)