Live inside your IMAGINATION arousing your CREATIVITY

Live inside your IMAGINATION arousing your CREATIVITY

To live inside your imagination is to consciously be the writer, director & actor in your own movie called Your Wonderful Life Arousing your creativity is awakening your Brilliance
You have the Power to Create the reality you desire 🙂


Our power of choice gives us the ability to change our point of view in any moment we choose.

Our point of view creates our reality.  This means we have the power to 

Change our mind & create a new reality!

If you tuned in to my last 2 blog posts you are now aware of Limited Thinking and you know what it means to Be Out Of Your Mind.  Now you are ready to…


You choose how you see things & how you see things determines how you think & feel & what you BELIEVE * and whatever we believe tends to be in our lives. Are you beginning to see how this means ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Just be willing to make a special Good Feeling tweak in How You SEE things * by living inside your imagination arousing your creativity * See how creative you can be in creating High Vibe uplifting thoughts so you FEEL GOOD & in this higher vibration you see more & you experience more & so you know more and BOOM! Now you BELIEVE MORE!!! This Amazing Ability of yours makes it possible for you to create a new reality! How does it get any better than this 😉

We all have something within us calling us forward to be MORE!

Where can you go anytime you choose where you can See & Experience more of what is calling you forward because in this place ~inside your imagination~ you can easefully see and experience your Dreams ~who you came here to be~ AND ~what you came here to express! This is where your Creative Spirit LIVES * always there for you * patiently waiting to show you what is possible * so you will be able to See and experience more! And the more you use your imagination to See & Experience * the more you see and experience * the more you Believe & Know who you are capable of becoming! And the more you believe and know the more you experience all of your Heart Desires in your Life! 

No one can keep you from making your dream come true * only you!

Your imagination is your POWER to Create. Your imagination is your Creative Playground where you can go anytime you choose to play like a child in the Magic of your Unique Spirit and dance in the Vision of your Dreams. Here your Inspiration flows freely and your Brilliant Soul paints pictures you can See & Experience and then you naturally begin feeling good entertaining wonderful thoughts about what you truly LOVE all the time.

And you know feeling good means everything and you know your thoughts become things and become things even faster when the thought is attached to a vision making it real and easy for you to experience and feel in your imagination and since the mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined your vibration lifts the same when you imagine you are experiencing your heart desires and now you are living in the vibration of your dreams attracting more of what you love to be in your life!

Living inside your imagination is embodying your creative power
Arousing your creativity is practicing your creative power

If you desire to play beautiful music on the piano you must practice your natural ability to move your fingers in a certain way on the piano to create music. You can sit down at the piano and try hard to play something you’ve never played before and get frustrated because your fingers aren’t moving how you would like them to move OR you can consistently practice and soon you are playing beautiful music on the piano. And just like this you can try hard to create what you desire OR you can embody and practice your Creative Power by consistently seeing & experiencing YOU being/doing/having what you LOVE to be/do/have inside your Imagination.  This way you can easefully manifest all your Heart Desires!

Your life can be whatever you imagine it to be!

Yet just as a single brush stroke on canvas will not make a masterpiece,

A single trip to your imagination will not make your dream

To make our masterpiece called our Soul Life

We rehearse it again and again in our imagination!!

Live inside your IMAGINATION Arousing your CREATIVITY



Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE


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One Reply to “Live inside your IMAGINATION arousing your CREATIVITY”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I’m choosing to practice “Living inside my Imagination & arousing my Creativity” to create the Life I Desire to SEE!!! ❤

    Amy, I Believe… “We Do Have The Power To Create Our Heart Desires” by choosing to SEE & EXPERIENCE Life differently…

    Thank YOU for always sharing your LOVE, LIGHT & INSPIRATION!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ