Live from your HEART Sharing your LOVE

Live from your HEART sharing your LOVE ❤ 

To live from your Heart is to always ask your Heart for Everything  Sharing your Love is allowing your Magnificent Soul It’s True Expression

What if every time you go to your mind to ask a question it automatically responds with ‘Go Ask Your Heart’ and in an instant You Are in Your HEART receiving the best answer for you. Have you ever noticed how the mind doubts and questions and Your Heart just Knows * and have you ever compared how it feels to doubt and question in your mind verses how it feels so wonderful to just know and be in your Heart! And in Being Aware of THIS does it make sense to be in your mind all the time listening to your mind think? When you can just as easily…

CHOOSE to hang out in your HEART where the LOVE IS *
Listening to your Soul Enlighten and Illuminate Your Way!

If you have a question or are wondering if something is true or not or just desire to know how you can feel good right now * Go Ask Your Heart * see how your heart feels about it and if it FEELS GOOD with your heart then you know it’s for your best and highest good! And you can move forward with full faith and knowing * how good is this? And very soon you are in the habit of going straight to your heart first for everything which as you know is The Voice of your Soul ♥ and you know what will happen as you are in the habit of always asking your heart first?  You’ll be guided to everything your Soul desires and Know More Joy than you’ve ever Imagined * Your Heart will Begin to Open More and More and You’ll Feel tremendous LOVE overflowing * an Amazing ENERGY emanating from your HEART because You Are Allowing Your Magnificent Soul It’s True Expression.

So anytime you have a question, decision to make or anytime you’re feeling anything less than love * Go To Your Heart * What Does Your Heart Say? Listen with your heart always! When we listen with our mind we miss so much of what our Soul desires to express * we miss out on our Self.

Keep your heart open and feel the message in your heart ♥

If you tuned in to my last 2 blog posts you are now aware of Devaluing Self and you know what it means to Remember Who You Are! Now you are ready to Live from your Heart sharing your Love!

When you Live from your Heart sharing your LOVE you naturally acknowledge the Truth of who you are & as you Open to Love * you honor your Divine Self * you celebrate your Intrinsic Worthiness * you appreciate your Magnificence * you are full of Gratitude & Love & when you are full of GRATITUDE You Open Your Heart * When You Open Your Heart * You Remember Who You Are & when you remember who you are YOU LET YOUR LIFE IN! 🙂

So what is it like to Let Your Life In? As you Breathe * You FEEL You Are Unconditionally Loved * You TRUST You Are Divinely Guided * You UNDERSTAND You Are Uniquely Gifted *
You APPRECIATE You Are Forever Free * You KNOW You Are here to Express Your Self *
You BELIEVE You Are a Genius Creator * You ACCEPT You Are Eternally Alive!

How is all this possible? Because when you live from your Heart sharing your Love you begin your Fantastic Journey Back To Your Self! This journey is inside you.  The only way to get inside is through an open Heart and when you live from your Heart sharing your Love you naturally keep your Heart open allowing your Beautiful Self to Feel everything knowing the purpose of all emotion is to guide you deeper inside your Heart to the Truth of Who You Are! And the deeper you live in your Heart the more you can Feel the Truth of who you are because in this pure Divine LOVE space your Vision is clearer so you See More * much more than you have ever imagined * AND * your Vibration is cleaner so you Experience More of all your Heart Desires! This IS Possible for you when you live from your Heart sharing your Love ❤ 

Live from your Heart sharing your LOVE ❤ 


Live In LOVE



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One Reply to “Live from your HEART Sharing your LOVE”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I say “YES” to being more conscious… Living From My HEART & Sharing My LOVE ~ Always!!! ❤

    Amy, continue to keep your Heart Open… Sharing your Light & unconditional Love… And, allowing Divine to guide you… YOU ARE AMAZING!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ