Live following your INTUITION Aware of your LIGHT

Live following your INTUITION Aware of your LIGHT!

Your Light is your Inspiration * your Inspiration is your Brilliant idea(s) * and your Brilliant ideas are the tickets to all your Heart Desires! Knowing this you can understand the true Value of Listening. Listening makes it possible for you to pay attention and hear the voice of your Soul. Listening is like the currency for making your Dream come true!

You may not know all the facts yet you have all the answers within you to live your Soul Life!

What if your dream is already yours yet for you to see and experience your dream you must look only in the direction to which you are guided by your Soul. Some say it’s tempting to look back yet looking back causes one to wonder and doubt and even an ounce of doubt blocks your vision and if you cannot see your vision how can you know your dreams are already here? You just have to let them in yet here’s the thing * YOUR DREAMS LIVE IN THE HIGH VIBRATION OF LOVE JOY & PASSION 🙂 * Doubt lives in a low vibration. They simply can’t exist together.

To get where you desire to go you must listen to your heart and follow your intuition always looking in the direction your Soul guides you to go. And as you are Soul guided you naturally focus forward where you desire to be. You ONLY look forward! You understand that looking back causes a human to not see where they are going. You also know that if you look back you risk the chance of something back there getting your attention and pulling you in and now you can’t see the dream and now it feels so far out of reach and this could cause one to succumb to the dense energy of doubt.

All you choose to Be * your Purpose * your Dreams * Live in a High Vibration * 

You must Rise to meet it in order to Experience it in your Life

If you tuned in to my last 2 blog posts you are now aware of Mistrusting Self and you know what it means to Tune In to Your Inner Guide. Now you are ready to Live following your Intuition aware of your Light!

To live following your Intuition is to harmonize with your Heart and be in sync with your Soul
Aware of your Light is being awake to your Inspiration * your intuitive knowing guiding you in the direction of your dreams.

Can you imagine what would happen if (no matter what the mind says)

You Always follow your intuition and say YES to your Inspiration!

Example: You have an idea & immediately your Spirit cheers! Ah! Sounds Good! And you start feeling enthusiasm & excitement about your wonderful idea and then Bam! Your mind says, ‘I don’t think so!’ and now it’s got your attention and you just got to know why it said that and why not and then it says let me tell you All The Reasons Why Not and now it’s hooked you in so much that you let the Inspiration slip away. What if you didn’t do that? What if instead no matter what the mind said You Give All Your Loving Attention To Your Inspiration and if you didn’t quite understand it you ask to be shown more and it will show you and take you to the next inspiration and the next until you’re there right in front of the very thing to assist you in seeing and experiencing your heart desires!

Choose your Heart over your mind every time!

Daily give your Self the Gift of Listening * Tune in to your Inner Guide & LISTEN! This way you can

Live following your Intuition aware of your Light * your Inspiration!!

Live in LOVE


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2 Replies to “Live following your INTUITION Aware of your LIGHT”

  1. I try to live by inspiration intuition for a Law Officer 1 this type of Lingo would get My Locker put Outside-Tho The Best ALWAYS work by intuition. The Locker? Well its OK now…Im retired on s Disability & Much PTS.
    My question Is My dreams?? They are always telling me some truth something I can use With Much boggeled info- Like A Man with stiches Had My cousin. I needed to free him- I fought the Man -Woke up-3 days later had a accident and I had a whole lot of stiches??? Another is this Location That I go . I been going there as long as I remember having dreams-The place is the same-Changes like any other Place-Not All-Most of my Family is there-I am now fully aware even when I dream this—I asked a Question that was pertinent for this world NOW-No one had a clue to whom or what I was talking about, Its Really like 2 lives? Very odd- Be well every one.PJ

  2. Dearest Amy,

    I can imagine what Life would be like, if I Always follow my Heart… my Intuition… my Inspiration… from LOVE!!!

    Amy, Life would simply be AMAZING!!! ❤

    I am Loving this Journey of Love!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ