Live expressing your Soul seeing & experiencing your Dreams!

live expressing your soulLive expressing your Soul seeing & experiencing your Dreams!

To live expressing your Soul is to allow your SOUL to Brilliantly SHINE through you so you be who you came here to be ❤ Seeing & experiencing your Dreams is you fulfilling all your beautiful Heart desires so you Live Your Soul Life * the life you came here to live!

What if all you had to do to allow your Soul to brilliantly shine through you is to Be in the vibration of LOVE!  Would this be worth practicing LOVE in everything you be now?  What are you willing to do for your Soul so you can live the life of your dreams?

If you tuned in to my last 2 blog posts you are now aware of the Fine line between LOVE & hate and you know what it means to Value Who You Are.  Now you are ready to…

Live Expressing Your Soul Seeing & Experiencing Your Dreams

To live expressing your Soul means you choose your Self over anything else meaning you choose your Heart over your mind every time & allow your Self to be LOVE & no matter what you think you choose to FEEL GOOD understanding this is the way to live in the vibration of your Soul * this is the way to see & experience your Dreams * this is the way to Live your Soul life!

You are extraordinary!  Because you being here shows it is clear you have decided to continually Wake Up To Your Life & live within your Divine Self acknowledging your POWER * and you see you can easefully Snap Out of the Lie & live by your Truth being in your JOY * this way you naturally Tune In to your Inner Guide & live following your Intuition always aware of your LIGHT * your Inspiration * and you daily Get Very Real with your Self & live for your Expression expressing your ENERGY * your Spirit * and you do what it takes to make sure you Remember Who You Are & live from your Heart sharing your LOVE * and you know why it’s so important to Be out of your mind & live inside your Imagination arousing your CREATIVITY * this way you Pay Attention to your Dreams & live manifesting your Greatness * flourishing in your ABUNDANCE * this way you naturally Value Who You Are & live expressing your Soul * seeing & experiencing your Dreams!

Your POWER is your ability to change & create a world you love to see * Your JOY is your ableness to experience delight in any moment of your life * Your LIGHT is your inspiration guiding you in the direction of your dreams * Your ENERGY is your vitality for living * Your LOVE is your true expression * Your CREATIVITY is your unique & valuable gifts * Your ABUNDANCE is all your heart desires! 

Your Soul came here to expand so You Can Blossom into the Most Amazing You Possible

& you can say YES and have Faith in the Truth of Who You are and be in LOVE with

your journey OR you can live in the illusion that something is holding you back.

If you really knew what you are truly capable of

You’d be Amazed in the most AMAZING Way

Be fascinated by your Creative abilities

Be fascinated by your Dreams you dream

Be fascinated by your LIFE being truly on your side

This way you can clearly SEE All You Can Be

Feel the Fascination of Infinite POSSIBILITIES

Feel the Wonderful Wonder of YOU!

You Are Amazing

Be Who You Are

 Live expressing your Soul

seeing & experiencing your Dreams!


Sending LOVE to YOU


One Reply to “Live expressing your Soul seeing & experiencing your Dreams!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I say “YES” to… “Feeling the Wonderful Wonder of ME!!!” ❤

    Amy, I Am Choosing to Live Expressing My Soul SELF Always, Always & Always… This way, I can SEE & EXPERIENCE My Dreams… This way, I can be Who I Came Here To Be!!!

    I’m sending lots of LOVE your way, my dear Friend!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ