Live by your TRUTH Being in your JOY!

Live by your TRUTH Being in your JOY!

What if living by your Truth being in your Joy opens the way to all your Heart Desires? What if you already have the know-how within you to make your Dream come true!

What if you absolutely can be anything you choose! What if it all begins with a willingness to take the time & energy necessary to know your Self by Heart so you naturally begin living your Soul Life * the life you came here to live!

Knowing your Self by Heart means you fully understand your nature, you enthusiastically appreciate your gifts and you lovingly recognize your worth. To know your Self by Heart is to embody your Divine Essence * to embrace your Unique Brilliance and to express your Creative Spirit.

There is no better or worse
THERE IS Your Unique Worth!
YOU are an Amazing one-of-a-kind Unique Expression of God
Never meant to compare to anyone else
Yet to Be Awake & Aware of your Self

If you tuned in to my last 2 blog posts you are now aware of Clever Pretending and you know what it means to Snap Out Of the Lie! Now you are ready to Live by your Truth being in your Joy!

To live by your truth is being honest and loyal with you! Loyalty means you are faithful to your Heart and you listen to your Self. And you are so passionate about knowing your Self by heart that if you can’t hear your Self, you figure out a way to hear your Self no matter what it takes because you value who you are. You value your Self so much that you would never dream of not listening to who you are and what you came here to be; therefore, you simply can no longer feel bad (live a lie).  And notice when you add the letter V for Value to LIVE A LIE it naturally becomes LIVE ALIVE! YOU are now your FEEL GOOD priority.

Being in your Joy is being Free to fully Express your magnificent essence while sharing your valuable gifts as you follow what is true for you. Your Truth is your Inner Knowing. Your Joy is your Ability to experience delight in any moment of your life. Your joy is your willingness to let go of all the density and be free to FEEL light & GOOD. Your Joy is you listening and getting to truly know your Self. Your Joy is you taking exquisite care of your Amazing Self. Your Joy is the PASSION flowing through you as you continually choose to Live by your Truth being in your JOY!

Life is meant to be Wonderful for you & you are meant to
FEEL GOOD yet for you to See & Experience Wonderful &
Feel Good you’ve got to be in the Vibration of Wonderful & Good
& you do this by taking such Wonderful & Good Care of your Amazing
Self so YOU Always FEEL GOOD & See & Experience WONDERFUL
It really is this simple 😉

Be Who You Are!!

Live in LOVE


Are you ready to LIVE THIS WAY?


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One Reply to “Live by your TRUTH Being in your JOY!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I am Choosing to be more Aware & look for things that FEEL GOOD… So, I can truly Live in my JOY!!! ❤

    Amy, this way, I will OPEN the doors to ALL My Heart Desires!!!

    Thank YOU for always sharing your LIGHT and LOVE!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ