This Is The Way We Live Alive!

This Is The Way We Live Alive!

Soul – How can I get my human to resonate with Who I Am ?:|

Spirit – By telling her it’s time to Remember Who She Is… You

Soul – How can she remember?

Spirit – By Seeing the Truth

Soul – How will she see the Truth?

Spirit – By You… Lovingly guiding her to

Stop looking that way and…
Begin LookingThis Way Now

And keep reminding her that

That way forgets
This Way Remembers :-x

That way is confusing
This Way Is Enlightening

That way is unconscious
This Way Is Awake

That way is oblivious
This Way Is Aware ;)

That way is who you were thinking
This Way Is Who You Are Being

That way believes the mind
This Way Knows The Heart

That way is the past
This Way Is The Creative Now

That way is barely existing
This Way is Fully Living

That way is paddling upstream
This Way is Feeling High and Flying Free :^O

That way is depression
This Way is Expression

That way is separation and fear
This Way is Oneness and Love

That way is closed
This Way is Open

That way is living a lie
This Is The Way We Live Alive! :-x

That way is nonsense
This Way is Truth

That way is darkness
This Way is Light

That way is cloudy
This Way is Brilliant :-D

That way says no

This Way says Yes

That way is disappointing
This Way Is Fascinating

That way is boring
This Way is Magical :) :-x :-D :^O

Kind of makes you wonder why anyone in the world would want to look that way when…

This Is The Way… 
to You Remembering Who You Are & What You Came Here to Be… You!

THIS IS THE WAY for all the Love Freedom & Expression Your Soul Desires
This Is The Way We Live Alive!

Soul – That’s so awesome! Think she’ll hear me?

Spirit – She already Is… in so many ways from You… See… she’s looking This Way now… and the more she looks This Way … the more she will notice… and the more she notices… the more she looks This Way and the more she will See… that she is the one who blocks or Allows her Soul to Shine Brightly* through her… and she Sees that the only way she can look This Way is through her Heart… and that by Keeping Her Heart Open…she feels her Soul… and in that moment she is awake… and she’ll go to the mirror and See her Soul in her eyes and say…

…I Know Who I Am and What I Came Here to Be… Me :-x

Look at her now… See… She’s Waking UpWow… what a Beautiful sight to seeallowing your Soul to Be… You… in Love… Freely Expressing… your Self*

And tell your human… the next time your mind trys to pull you that way… remember your bliss… ;) as you blow your mind a kiss goodbye and say… I’m Doing It This Way Now… It’s This Way Now… This Is Bliss*

Soul – Thank you so much!
Spirit – I Love You too :-x

This Is The Way We Live Alive!


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