Imagine More for YouIMAGINE MORE * Your Power tCreate all your Heart Desires ♥

What if there is so much more for you?  Yet in order for you to experience more you must believe in more than what you see.  This means you must go beyond what is and expand your vision of what’s possible for you.  If we only see what is, we’ll continue to experience what is.  And there is always more, always something calling us forward to be more and to experience more. 

Where can you go anytime you choose where you can see and experience more of what is calling you forward – because in this place – inside your imagination – you can easefully see and experience your dreams – who you came here to be – and what you came here to express.  This is where your Creative Spirit lives always there for you patiently waiting to show you what is possible so you will be able to see and experience more!  And the more you use your imagination to see and experience… the more you see and experience… the more you believe and know what you are truly capable of.  And the more you believe and know… the more you experience all of your heart desires in your Life!  IMAGINE MORE!

Your Imagination is Your Power to Create.  Your imagination is your creative playground where you can go anytime you choose to play like a child in the magic of your unique Spirit and dance in the vision of your dreams.  Here your inspiration flows freely and your brilliant Soul paints pictures you can see and experience and then you naturally begin thinking about what you truly Love all the time.

And you know that your thoughts become things and become things even faster when the thought is attached to a vision making it real and easy for you to experience and feel in your imagination.  And since the mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined your vibration lifts the same when you imagine you are experiencing your heart desires. Now you are living in the vibration of your dreams attracting more of what you Love to be in your Life!

Can you imagine what would happen – how your Life would change – if you decided to think less and imagine more!  Instead of spending your energy listening to nonsense in the mind – step inside your imagination and see where your Creative Spirit takes you.  Leave the drama of the mind behind for the exhilaration of your passion.  Invest your energy in your life-giving, uplifting, awesome dream!

It’s time to wake up to see this Life you are living is Your Life, it belongs to you!  You live in your own world and how you experience your world is directly related to how you see things and how you see things determines how you think and feel and what you believe.  What if you imagine more Expand your vision to see more beyond what is.  Choose a new perspective – one that feels good to you!  It’s all perspective anyway.  And as you change the way you see things the things you see transform into more of the good things you Love.

Remember what you perceive and experience is unique to you and although some will seemingly see things just like you do.  The truth is no one sees exactly the same way you see.  And it may seem like the reason some things show up in your Life is because of someone or something other than you.  Yet you are responsible for everything that shows up in your life.  You’ve attracted it all to you * Imagine More 😉

Take a good look around you and notice what you’ve attracted into your world by how you think & feel and by what you believe.  Notice what you like and what feels good.  And every day give gratitude for these things.  Then notice what you don’t like and be curious about why you attracted that into your Life.  No matter what it is, if you look close enough, you’ll find the answer. You’ll see the truth.  And now you can adjust how you think & feel and choose what you believe and imagine more of what you desire, what you like and what feels good.  And as you use your imagination to see and experience more, you’ll naturally see and experience more of what you Love in your Life.  IMAGINE MORE!!

What if you make up your mind to see everyone in the highest and best way and everything as serving you?  If something or someone shows up that is not to your liking, open your heart and imagine something more.  Ask your Divine Self to show you a higher vision of what’s going on.  This way you live in Love and gratitude.  This way you live in the vibration of your dreams!

Remind your Self every day I live in my own world and I make it all up and I choose to live in Love in the vibration of my dreams attracting my heart desires!  And practice echoing this Truth –There is always more and as I imagine more I become more!  Be grateful for everything and know there is always more on its way.  When you do get what you desire be grateful and know there is always more!  Say Thank You More Please and feel your energy body opening and expanding and breathe out any resistance so you are open to receive more! This is YOUR World.  Participate in it.  See and experience Life and Life will lift you up and support you in creating your heart desires so you can see and experience more!

Are you ready to live in the vibration of your dreams?  Make this your declaration:  I imagine more!  This way I see and experience what I am truly capable of.  This way I believe in my ability to make my dream come true.  This way I attract my heart desires!

Your Life can be whatever you imagine it to be. 

Yet just as a single brush stroke on canvas will not make a masterpiece,

a single trip to your imagination will not make the dream. 

To make your masterpiece called your Soul Life,

you rehearse it again and again inside your imagination!  

Now you are living your Soul Life.  The Life you came here to live!

 You are Amazing!  Be Who You Are ♥ 


Lots of LOVE to YOU!

♥ Amy

One Reply to “IMAGINE MORE!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I am truly Grateful for ALL that I have in my Abundant Life… Yet, I too BELIEVE, there is so much MORE!!! ❤

    Amy, I’m consciously choosing to think LESS and imagine MORE!

    This way, I can Practice stepping into my Imagination to see where my Creative Spirit leads me…

    This way, I can Wake-Up to the Truth of my Power & Who I Came Here To Be…

    This way, I can say ‘YES’ to ALL my Heart Desires & Dreams! ❤

    “We ALL Have The Power To Create Our Heart Desires” by choosing to SEE & EXPERIENCE Life differently…

    Amy, Thank YOU for always sharing your HEART, LIGHT, LOVE & INSPIRATION!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ