How to Cause Miracles!

How to Cause Miracles

*Spirit – Are you done yet?

Human -What do you mean?

*Spirit – Are you done pretending to be what you are not?

Human -What are you talking about?

*Spirit – You know exactly what I’m talking about…

Human – I just haven’t felt like my Self and it’s depressing… I don’t know what to do about it.

*Spirit – The first clue is saying ‘I haven’t felt like my Self’.  The reason you haven’t felt like your Self is because you’re not being your Self

Human -Who am I being then?

*Spirit – You’re being your false self again…

Human -I know.  I can feel something’s wrong yet I don’t know how to get out.  I feel like I fell in so deep.

*Spirit – Are you enjoying it down there?

Human -Why would you ask that?  Can’t you see I’m miserable?

*SpiritWell something is keeping you there because You Know how to get back to being Who You Are!

Human – I was doing so well with everything and I felt really happy and inspired every day and things were flowing… it was awesome!  Then __________ happened!!!  And I haven’t been the same since.  Now I’m not sure how I can do _______________ and what if _____________ happens?  And now I’m questioning if I am ready to do all the things I have set in motion to do yet going back is out of the question so I feel stuck.

*Spirit – That’s an interesting place to be … knowing too much to go back yet not knowing enough to move forward so you pulled on the brakes.  You fear fully choosing your Self yet You Can Only Be FREE from Fear When You Fully Choose YOUR SELF!

Human – Choose my Self over what?

*Spirit – You choose your Soul/Self (who you truly are) over the made-up fabricated-by-the-mind false self.

Human -And why would I be afraid of choosing my Soul/Self over my false self?

*Spirit – Because you’re addicted to the mind… let me hear all the reasons why you think you can’t…

Human – OK.  I can’t snap out of it because it’s too much… I’m overwhelmed and feel I can’t move… I want to give up… I want someone to do it for me… it seems impossible…

*Spirit – What if I told you this… Until You Choose Your Soul/Self it will continue to feel all those things and you’ll continue to have the same experience of it all being too much…

Human – I don’t like that… that’s not true… I’ll snap out of it eventually…

*Spirit – What’s keeping you from Choosing to Feel Good right Now?

Human -It’s just not that simple or easy you know.

*Spirit – Who told you that?  Your mind of course!  You know the mind is limited and therefore can’t see all possibilities… so it can’t figure out how you can do anything more than what you’ve already done so it makes you doubt yourself and you listen to it constantly and you question it all the time and it always has an answer and before you know it you’re thinking you’re it again and if you’re it then you think what it says must be true so now you believe you must know how it will happen before it can happen and you think sooner or later your mind will give you an answer yet You Are the One with the Answer and you are not the mind!  Let me say this again… you are not your mind!  And it is this simple and this easy!  You choose!  Now let me hear what your Soul/Self has to say…

Soul/SelfI am You and You are Me yet you have the tendency to think that you are what the mind says you are and then you forget all about me and wonder why you don’t feel very good.  Whenever you don’t feel good that is a sure sign that the mind has tricked you once again.  It’s a master at trickery so you must always be aware.  You do this by being out of your mind and Living from your Heart.  This first and foremost always!

*Spirit – Good… how did that feel?

Human – Like I’m coming back to my senses…  I can feel who I am now yet how do I stay here?  I mean is it really possible to live in this place of feeling so good, knowing all is well even when I don’t know how it truly will be all well… I mean without knowing for sure how it can happen?

*Spirit – Here’s the Amazing thing… would you like to know

How To Cause MIRACLES ?

Human – Please tell me!

*Spirit – Once you Fully Choose your Soul/Self MIRACLES Are Caused and where you couldn’t see a way before… A Way Opens up for You… where you had no idea… Now You See Brilliant Ideas right in front of you… it’s like the entire Universe is assisting in pathing the way for you… Shining the Light… Guiding You in the right direction…

Human – Are you saying that by choosing my Soul/Self I cause miracles?

*Spirit – Yes, of course!  Because nothing just happens… things are caused by you… and you know Brilliant One… this is True

Human – How do I cause a miracle by choosing my Soul/Self?

*Spirit – Remember… I said ‘Fully’ Choose… and the ‘Fully’ is Important because a lot of you think you’re choosing when you’re really just fooling… you.  No offense…

Human – none taken

*Spirit – Fully means you step in to your Choice… Body Mind & Spirit… it’s a done deal… and when You Choose Your Soul/Self … when you embody Who You Are… a Magnificent Being… a Brilliant Creator… You Open your Self to Infinite LOVE… and the LOVE that YOU ARE… Awakens Love all around you… and where there is LOVE… There are Miracles Everywhere for You in your Life!

Human – I’m ready to choose my Soul/Self over my false self.  How do I do it?

*Spirit – You Choose your Heart over your mind every time.  Your false self lives in the mind, your Soul/Self Lives in Your Heart.  Whenever you have a question you ask your Soul/Self and Feel the answer in Your Heart.  Pay attention… the mind has been known to convince you out of things that you truly want to do.  Don’t believe your mind.  FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

Human – It sure feels good to be out of my mind and in my heart.  How do I live from this wonderful place?

*Spirit – Don’t believe your mind.  Follow your heart!  LIVE YOUR SOUL LIFE! It’s Everything you’ve Dreamed of and So Much More!

Human – Thank you so very much!

*Spirit – I Love You too 🙂  so this is it!  This IS

How To Cause Miracles! ! !

One Reply to “How to Cause Miracles!”

  1. Amy,

    This is a nice perspective of our ego. We define ourselves from a collection of our lifes experiences and it is just that, a creation of our own making.

    Releasing ourselves from this is a subtle process of watching self, seeing it for what it is, and feeling our inner self. I often feel that I am on step one of a thousand steps, but the occasional glimpses I get of my inner self and our connectedness make it so worth it.

    Thank you for sharing. Paul