Guided Soul Awakening

Dear Brilliant Being,

Are you ready to truly Remember who you truly are, Understand why you are here & See who you are capable of being?  What if you can Feel what you are here to express, become aware of what is holding you back & release the resistance?  This way you naturally Receive guidance from your Soul & Experience a wonderful transformation!  

Isn’t it time to LIVE YOUR SOUL LIFE, the life you came here to live!

If your answer is YES I would love to talk with you!

The Guided Soul Awakening is wonderful session of Self rediscovery & awakening as you are guided deep within to ask questions & receive answers from your Soul. You will remember & feel who you truly are, understand why you are here, see who you are meant to be at this point in your life now & feel what you are here to express. Then you go through a special process of tuning into your body and feeling what is keeping you from seeing and experiencing all your heart desires in your life right now * and you can feel where the resistance is stored in your body * and as you are guided step by step on how to breathe * your breath moves the old stuck energy (resistance) and it releases and/or transforms for you * and you feel relieved refreshed and renewed * and your awareness expands so you can now see more of who you truly are! You truly FEEL different. Yet it’s not that you’ve changed. What happened is you cleared out what was keeping you from feeling seeing and knowing who you truly are. You will also receive loving guidance from your Soul. I record all your answers so you are free to relax and experience this amazing connection with your Soul Self. After the session, you will receive the most beautiful letter from your Soul to remind you of who you truly are and see even more of who you are capable of being!

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You are the Soul!  You can focus on your mind and think you’re it and live from memory/limitation.  Or you can tune into your Heart, Remember the Truth of Who You Are & Live from Inspiration & Freedom!



♥ Amy


“During the Guided Soul Awakening, I was transported to serene depths of relaxation through Amy’s beautiful voice. I felt the ease and grace of connecting intimately with myself in a safe space supported by Amy’s nurturance. I embodied amazing peace and calm without any resistance. I saw gorgeous imagery of a whale dancing carelessly in the deep ocean and a light-filled airy space with sheer white curtains billowing in the breeze, welcoming me further into the light of my soul. The “Message From Your Soul” serves as a mantra to fully integrate this guided meditation into my daily life. After this gentle yet powerful session, I have been realizing so many truths about my potential, where I’ve been living incongruent to my soul’s essence. Amy’s gorgeous service gave me new vision of self-love and self-compassion in remembering my center. I am embracing liberation and a deep knowing in my potential. Amy’s gentle nature provides a graceful remedy to balance the intense realizations of embracing worthiness. Thank you Amy for your devotion to raising the vibration of this community. I am so honored to participate in your gifts. I am shedding old skin and releasing old debts through self-forgiveness. Time to celebrate!”


Much love,
Rhina Ju

I recently experienced the soul awakening session with Amy and am absolutely thrilled with the entire experience and the changes I feel already. Having already benefited from a LAF session with Amy, I was prepared to be taken on a journey through my heart. I was not prepared, however, for exactly how deep I would be able to explore myself. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. We began with relaxation and breathing in order to calm my mind and be able to better access my subconscious. I was able to focus on Amy’s words and let myself go completely, as I trusted her 100%. As I began to go deeper into my subconscious, I noticed that I was no longer “trying” to focus on Amy’s voice but, rather, her words became my truths. My conscious mind had disappeared, and my heart and soul had taken over. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had began when Amy started to ask my soul questions. I did not have to think or try to produce the answers. I was aware but it was a different sense of awareness. These were answers my soul knew and produced the answers without my conscious mind interfering. I have never experienced anything like it. After completing the questions, Amy gently eased me back to full awareness and I felt wonderful. I was relaxed yet at the same time I felt as if I had opened a new door in my mind. My intentions were much stronger than they had been before, and I felt excited to move forward with this new-found motivation and support from myself. It was a great reminder that my biggest fan is me and without my own confidence and perseverance, I wouldn’t be able to be as successful as I’d like. My favorite part (though I really enjoyed everything) was the letter from my soul I received a few short hours after the session. In it, Amy compiles all of the questions and answers that took place during the session. It is an amazing thing you can carry with you and look at in times where you are doubting yourself and your potential. I have been reading mine every morning to start my day encouraged and confident. It is beautiful. I am so blessed to have worked with Amy a few times now, as she is so incredible to connect with. She radiates joy and love which you begin to experience within the first few minutes of speaking with her. I look forward to many more amazing experiences with her.

Peace and Love,
Melanie Jess

WOW!!! This Guided Soul Awakening has been such a Beautiful Gift.  I LOVE IT!!!  Such a Magical Experience, to have been guided by Amy Huentelman’s beautiful voice as she so gently guided me into a state of consciousness where my soul spoke to my heart.

It is an Amazingly Powerful Tool, that I am using as a reminder of staying true to my self and to my dreams.  It has helped me to keep reaching for my hearts desires for they have been there for so very long and deserve to be manifested into this reality.  I love what I do, because it brings me so much joy doing it.

In sharing my souls highest expression through my gifts with the world is my purpose in this lifetime. This is where my true wealth has been all along.  Bringing Joy to other people’s hearts and souls is a beautiful thing.  I encourage you to allow Amy Huentelman to be your guide, as your Soul has a Special Message that it has been waiting…to tell you.

Blissful Blessings always,

Lisa Bull

Amy, after our Guided Soul Awakening Session, I truly felt Divine…  I felt this Beautiful, 
yet Peaceful Calmness throughout my body…  This experience created this Beautiful Space of 
LOVE…  And, I just wanted to embrace this overwhelm of PEACE & just be with ME…  I felt 
Inspired, Empowered; and Awake to be ~ Who I Came Here To Be!  

This feeling of Peacefulness and LOVE is something that I want to experience always…  
Thank YOU for your Divine Guidance and Awakening My Heart & Soul!  

I highly recommend Amy’s Guided Soul Awakening Session to Everyone who’s looking to TransForm their Life; and Awaken their Heart & Soul!  

I Love YOU Amy!!!  Continue Being Amazing!!!  Continue Being Who YOU Are!!!  🙂


Bell Rushing

In the Guided Soul Awakening session I experienced an array of wonderful and interesting feelings and activity (i.e. release through the breath work, expression of emotion, intense relaxation, etc.). The whole experience seemed to serve as a real eye-opener in what has been trapped inside my unconscious mind, unknown to me. I was able to let a lot of that go as the process took me through to the light of healing and a return to real trust. Then as we were coming out of, whatever it was we were coming out of (lol), it all began to come together as I was able to join my soul self with my given human abilities and traits to unite the gap that has been blocking me from really being able to serve my purpose in all its potential and possibilities. I am so very grateful for this transformational experience. I’m back into full intention, production and my thriving mindset feeling, once again, whole in love, purpose and ability.

The “Message from your Soul” that Amy sent afterward, is a great reminder of my experience and what really is. So I appreciate having that in front of me to refer to whenever I want to remember the beauty of that day or need a reminder of the beauty that is my soul – who I really am.

Wendy Kay

My soul journey was beautiful.  I felt a blockage in my lower back and thru Amy’s guidance it disappeared within minutes.  It was extremely helpful to be guided to my core essence of what my soul is here to express.  Thank you Amy for sharing your gifts and talents with the world.

Lea Renay

I enjoyed the relaxation of the exercise. It took me a while to let go of the distractions around me at first, but then I became relaxed and felt good in the experience of it. It was an awesome experience to reunite with my soul. The “Message from your Soul” really resonated with me and I knew it to be my truth. I appreciate being able to have that for a reminder and reference. Since my experience in the Guided Soul Awakening with Amy, I have used the breathing technique she taught me at least once a day for releasing. It’s great!

Kenny Brandon

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