Age Clearing™

Dear Brilliant Being,

What if within minutes you could go back in the past to any age, shift energy from a situation and therefore change the outcome of your future.  What if you could go back to every age and clear out all the lower vibrations of doubt worry fear and release all the old stuck/frozen energy that blocks the natural flow of your Soul’s Expression so you are Free to Be and Create in your Life all your Heart desires?

In an Age Clearing™ Session, we do exactly this!

Age Clearing™ is a process to help people release stored energy at each and every age we have ever lived.  It helps rid us of old patterns, and heals issues we don’t even know exist.  We release and transform cellular memories that you remember as well as memories you don’t remember and as all untruths are washed away the old vanishes and You become the Truth of Who You Are, your Soul’s Expression!  Get ready for a powerful process that is life-changing.

Sending lots of LOVE to YOU!


Dearest Amy,

Your Age Clearing Session was truly Amazing!  
During our Session, I could feel the energy shifting 
throughout my body, as you guided me back to being 
in my mother’s womb, up until the age of 5…  
Amy, during each phase, I could FEEL some lower 
vibrational energies in my body, which were completely 
“Released” by your guided breathwork!  
By the end of our session, I felt a sense of CALM, PEACE, 
FREE & LOVE…  I just wanted to “BE WITH MYSELF” and 
“EMBODY” what I was Feeling…  
“I felt like I was being showered by LOVE…”  
Amy, I LOVE Your Work!!!  
Thank YOU for this Beautiful Blessing & GIFT!!!  
I absolutely recommend Amy’s ~ Age Clearing Sessions 
to Everyone!!!  It will TransForm Your Life!!!  
Thank YOU for allowing me to share… 

~Bell Rushing


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