Get Very Real With Your Self

Get Very Real With Your Self

It’s show & tell time. And it’s between you & your Self * your human & your Soul * your mind & your Heart 

You are invited to reveal your True Nature by allowing your Self to Feel everything. This way you can get very real with your Self so you are free to express who you truly are! And you can only be real if you allow your Self to Feel because feelings are the language of the Soul. And as you allow your Self to Feel what’s going on you can See It * the Truth about you! Eyes alone cannot know your true nature. To know * Feel-See-It!

What distracting habit is keeping you from you?

What if giving up the one thing you think you can’t be without opens wide the way to all your Heart Desires! And what if the only reason you can’t see how you can be without (the distracting habit) is because it is the very thing blocking the view to infinite possibilities for making your Dream come true. (Your dream is anything your Heart Desires)

What if unlocking the lie that says you can’t is as
simple as facing the Truth & saying Yes to You!

We all have something deep inside us just waiting for us to say YES to it. And when we open our Heart to see, we all know what this is for us. Yet sometimes saying yes to what we know somehow is BEST (Beautiful Engaging Stimulating & True!) means saying no to what we have come to know as a necessary escape! This seemingly necessary escape is the distracting habit keeping you from being & doing what you love while freely expressing who you are!

Wow. This means saying yes to what is calling you forward screaming in the most loving way you ever heard ‘Choose Me!’ is in competition with an opposing force (the distracting habit) that is forever vying for your attention in the most convincing ways enticing you to say yes to it instead.

The truth is you hold the power within you to create anything your heart desires yet if you think you can’t you’re right!
Why think something false into place when
You Can FEEL Something TRUE into Being!

What if in the moment you Choose your Self over the distracting habit you instantly transform into something More! It’s like in the act of choosing * everything changes * as the need to be distracted dissolves into nothingness and the Chosen One (YOU) reveals its True Nature * your Brilliant Self! In the moment of choosing YOU something shifts and changes inside and where there was seemingly no way suddenly There Is A Way because now You See More for You!

What if your human & your Soul got to Know each other so well they fell in LOVE & became ONE Amazing Brilliant Divine Human * aka your Soul Self! To feel this into being… here are 5 Insights for you!

1 – Every day give your Self the gift of doing what You LOVE!!
2 – Be Creative! Allow Inspiring thoughts to Open Your Imagination to See More for you!
3 – Engage in activities that are in alignment with your Higher Calling
4 – Choose what your Heart says over what your mind thinks every time
5 – Invest your precious time giving loving attention to your dreams & see what happens for you!


sending you infinite LOVE

❤ Amy


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One Reply to “Get Very Real With Your Self”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I am getting “Real” with My TRUTH!!!

    Amy, I KNOW & FEEL… “I Have The Power Within Me To Create Anything My Heart Desires”… Because, I Choose ME!!! ❤

    I Believe… When We CHOOSE Ourselves, We FREE Ourselves… With Infinite Possibilities…

    Amy, continue Choosing YOU!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ