Fine Line Between LOVE & hate

fine line between love and hateFine line between LOVE & hate

How do you SEE things?  And the way you choose to see things, does it make you FEEL GOOD or not so good?  Where do you draw the line?

Fine line between Love & hate

We’ve all heard this saying.  What does it mean and why does it FEEL true?  Perhaps we’ve all had the experience of someone we love hurting us and in the moment of feeling hurt we may think or even say out loud ‘I hate you’.  And in the moment of thinking we hate the person we love * whether we can hear it in the moment or not * something deep within us tells us it is not true & if you Pay Attention * You Can See the lie you feel is not real! 

Isn’t it time to MAKE LOVE GOOD again!

The only time we feel something called ‘hate’ is when it feels like our LOVE is being threatened or taken away.  The reason there is a fine line between love & hate is because it only takes a slight shift in perspective to See & Feel one over the other * and both are overwhelming * both are intense * both can seem real * yet only one is true * only one feels GOOD * only one can be YOU * and the answer you know is LOVE!

Follow where LOVE stands for YOU
not where judgment lies to you
and if you can’t stand feeling so much LOVE ♥

Then for heaven’s sake be seated in LOVE 😉 

For heaven’s sake means for your happiness * for your well-being!  For you Feeling high & flying Free!

KNOWING you are love YOU are loving you ARE lovable you are LOVED

And just as there is a fine line between love and hate there is also a fine line between Living Alive and living a lie.  And isn’t it interesting how the words are so similar * live alive or live a lie * so similar in fact that the pronunciation on live alive must be such so it doesn’t sound like live a lie. The only time we ever live a lie is in any moment when we are not valuing our Self.  Because when we Value Who We Are * we would never dream of not listening to who we are and what we came here to be!  And isn’t it fascinating how there is only one letter making the difference between the spellings of live a lie and live alive * it’s the letter V which stands for VALUE.  And when you add the letter V for Value to live a lie * it magically becomes LIVE ALIVE!

The last Thing that Prevents Humans from Living Alive is Being Irresponsible

Here are the telltale signs:

*You focus on what you don’t want and expect it to change

*You are still listening to your mind and ignoring your heart

*You are not practicing what you know will take you higher

*You sometimes slip into victimhood judgment & blame

*You haven’t decided yet to Live your Soul Life


Being Irresponsible only happens when one is undecided about living their Soul Life

and one can only feel that way when one is being careless with their Self

So what’s the remedy?

❤ Value Who You Are! When you value who you are you naturally Listen to your Heart & follow your Inner Guidance knowing this is the way to Live Your Soul Life

❤ Take Excellent Care of your Self!  You are your #1 priority.  What does it mean to take excellent care of your Self?  This means you do whatever it takes for your Self to FEEL GOOD by always making the slight shift in perspective for you to see & feel LOVE

❤ Take full responsibility for your Self!  No one can keep you from being who you are * only you.  And in order for you to not keep you from being who you are you must take full responsibility for you Self!  Because the human who is careless with their Self lives a reckless life. The one who is CARE-full with their Self lives a carefree glorious & joyful life.

❤ Live expressing your Soul seeing & experiencing your Dreams 🙂

It’s TIME for you to Rise Up & Be the ONE you came here to be… YOU!

 And to assist you further, here are some declarations:

* Today I choose to LIVE from the highest vibration of LOVE & Bliss echoing the FREEDOM & sound of my Soul while creating from the EXPRESSION of my Heart and the Magic of my Imagination

*I take excellent care of my beautiful Self.  I make my Self my FEEL GOOD priority.

*I make my moment 2 moment mantra be I CHOOSE LOVE because love feels so good.  I relax into love * I rest in love * I remain for love * this way I FEEL LOVE.  This way I Live In Love!

*I am blissfully in LOVE with my Amazing SELF

*I allow my Soul to Brilliantly Shine through me!



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One Reply to “Fine Line Between LOVE & hate”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I Agree… “It’s Time For Me To RISE UP & Be Who I Came Here To Be!” ❤

    Amy, my Declaration is:

    “Today I choose to LIVE from the highest vibration of LOVE & Bliss echoing the FREEDOM & sound of my Soul, while creating from the EXPRESSION of my Heart and the Magic of my Imagination…”

    Today, I Choose LOVE… Today, I Choose ME!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ