Falling in LOVE with YOU

Falling In LOVE with YOU ♥

Is the most beautiful thing you can do & is the way to make all your dreams come true!  Falling in love is becoming love which is being you.  So in essence falling in love with you IS falling in love with LOVE.  And love feels so good so it’s a mystery why more humans AREN’T doing it!  The only thing that keeps you from falling in love with you is what you think you believe is true based on your past experiences.  So truly the only thing that keeps you from love is you.  so what will you choose?

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe & is just a breath away
You can let go & breathe in love anytime you choose

Falling in love with you doesn’t happen by thinking about it because your mind hasn’t a clue to who you truly are.  So if your mind is now telling you anything that makes you feel anything less than love why not let it go?  You are not your mind so why would you allow it to run the show of your life?  What’s more important to you?  What your mind thinks or how you feel?  What if no matter what your mind says you choose to say YES to Loving You NOW! 

Spirit:  You are not who you think you are

Human:  Show me who I am

Spirit:  You must be willing to let go of who you think you are

Human:  And how do I do this?

Spirit:  Let go of all thought &

Don’t let the mind catch you

As you relax into your body

Breathe * close your eyes &

Open your Heart

Now look at your Self

Through eyes of LOVE

& SEE who YOU truly are!

Human:  AMAZING!

Spirit:  Yes YOU Are  

If you are ready to begin falling in love with you IMAGINE you are in your own world inside your imagination where anything is possible for you * and here you are surrounded only by love * unconditional love gently lifting you up * holding you * supporting you * loving you * feel the comfort in this * being able to relax in love * and your heart responds to all this love by opening up like a beautiful flower blossoming * feel the energy living in your heart * a never ending supply of Source Energy with a desire to be expressed through you * feel how this feels * knowing it’s all good * feeling free to be you * as you breath in light energy * this fills you up * Now from your heart remember or create a happy time * one you LOVE * something or someone you love to see & experience in your life * see it * feel the energy of a happy time * you are smiling * feel all the love energy pouring to and from your heart and as your heart opens more and more you FEEL ALIVE * uplifted * fully aware of your Divine Self * feel the waves of love flowing in and out of your heart * surrounding you * so peaceful feeling wonderful in every way * and you see you are completely free * feel your presence * you remember who you are * you know you can believe in who you are * and you listen * you hear the voice of your Soul * so full of love * Feel your Heart O p e n i n g now * your heart desires to always be open for you * you are the one who allows your heart to open and feel how wonderful it feels to keep your heart open and to Connect with You * and the more you stay open * the more you are c o n n e c t e d with you * the more you hear the voice of your Soul * the more you learn the language of your heart * the more you are always guided in the right direction of your dreams!  This is why falling in love with you is the most beautiful thing you can do & is the way to make all your dreams come true! 

To experience this LOVE meditation, click here 😉

(open wide screen & listen with your heart) 

One may wonder how to not wander from this place of LOVE

Good Question * Here’s the answer…

If you can’t think of someone with love

Don’t think

Close your thoughts & Open Your Heart

And you will remember

A LOVE idea Blesses &

When it comes from your thoughts

You can’t escape it 

If you can’t speak of someone with love

Don’t speak

Close your mouth & Listen to Your Heart

And you will hear

A LOVE word Blesses &

When it comes from your mouth

You can’t escape it

If you can’t look into someone with love

Don’t look

Close your eyes & Feel with Your Heart

And you will see

A Vision of LOVE Blesses &

When it comes from your eyes

You can’t escape it


Open your Heart

Listen to your Heart

Feel with your Heart

& you will remember hear & see

All your LIFE is meant to be

Loved By You!

LOVE Blesses Life Loved By YOU ♥

Give your Amazing Self the most beautiful gift today of

Falling In LOVE with YOU!!

Live In LOVE

♥ Amy

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       I love & appreciate YOU!


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