Encourage Your Desire

Once upon a time there were 2 very Powerful Beings named Desire and Courage.  They had a very close relationship and just like best friends one just could not be without the other.  When they support each other Life is Wonderful Magical and Meaningful… they Feel Alive!  And when they don’t… when they squabble… DWF (doubt worry fear) sets in like the plague and all they want to do is sleep, eat ice cream and watch TV.  And when that happens… enthusiasm wanes, dreams begin to fade and life lacks luster to say the least.  Desire is extremely strong yet requires Courage to move forward.  One day Desire was feeling depressed and drained wondering what to do.  It had been so long since she felt any support from Courage and she couldn’t understand why.  DWF consumed her.  Desire was weakening.  Mustering her last bit of energy she cried out for the entire Universe to hear, “What’s going on?”  Then, in an instant, a bolt of Insight opened her Heart to the answer!  She stood up, shook off DWF and commanded them to leave!  Desire’s Energy was back and she couldn’t wait to speak to Courage.

“Courage, you’ve been wearing the wrong hat!  You’ve been wearing the hat of dis-, so you became Dis-Courage.  It’s not your fault!  DWF tricked you into wearing it.  DWF thought they could dampen our Spirit.  They didn’t know who they were dealing with.  We are Desire and Courage!  And to always protect us forevermore from DWF, I brought you a new very powerful hat.  It’s the hat of En-, so now you’ll be En-Courage!”  

Desire was back!  Stronger than ever.  And her best friend, Courage, was right by her side Encouraging her every step of the way!

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