On a deeper level, DWF is an illusion!  And when you feel DWF it means you got sucked in by the mind which is now causing you to hallucinate.  It’s not your fault.  Remember the mind is a trickster and a magician.  It cleverly makes you believe in what you think you see.  When something so-called-bad happens, the mind immediately paints a picture of not just what happened , it tells you exactly what it means.  It tells you what it can only mean.  It tells you the way things can happen and if it doesn’t happen that way and the mind doesn’t know another way it makes you believe it is impossible.  The mind has all kinds of conditions on how things can happen.  It says this can only happen if that happens and if that doesn’t happen you can forget about having this.  And if you believe that, that creates a pretty not so good feeling of DWF for your Self.  And if you stay there it could be a long while before things change.

DWF is the #7 Thing that Prevents Humans from Living Alive!

Here are the telltale signs:

* You question your Self more than you listen to your Self

* You vacillate between feeling mad bad sad and seldom you feel glad

* You find it not so easy to relax and live in the present moment

* You buy the lies in the mind over acknowledging the Truth in your Heart

* You haven’t decided yet to fully choose your Soul Self

What if you’re done living that way?  What if you refuse to believe in what the mind has you see?  What if instead you open your imagination and allow your Creative Spirit to show you what’s possible and you make this be your Vision of what you desire!  And you allow your Heart (the voice of your Soul) to guide you in the direction of your dreams and from this guidance, you take Inspired action.  This way you open to more Freedom Inspiration and Joy.  Yet there is a catch, you can no longer give any attention to DWF 😉

So what’s the remedy?

❤ Pay Attention to Your Dreams!  Your dreams remind you of who you are.  And as you remember who you are you naturally open your Heart to Love.  And where there is LOVE there is no DWF.

❤ Remember Your FTL * Faith Truth Love * Faith is your Belief & You Choose what you believe in.  Truth is knowing who you truly are.  Love is your very essence.  Decide to have Faith in your Truth expressing Love & watch what happens for you * Miracles and Magic in your Life!

❤ Come Down To Earth!  This means come down out of your mind and into your body so you can connect with your Self.  This way you feel grounded & safe.  And as you relax * BREATHE * Open your Heart * you can feel the Truth of who you are knowing all is well :-)

❤ Live manifesting your Greatness flourishing in your ABUNDANCE

And to assist you further, here are some declarations:

* Today I choose my Heart over my mind.  I look for the Love and find the Divine

* I make an Inspired Choice to Live in the Vibration of my Dreams

* I am clear about who I am and what I came here to be

* I Love & nurture my Dreams and I say YES to all my Heart Desires

* I Choose to Encourage my Desire * this way my Life is Wonderful Magical & Meaningful

Divine Spirit within me reminds me of who I am every moment of every day!

I am awake!  I am aware!  I am alive!




Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE


One Reply to “DWF”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    Sometimes, I do get stuck in my Mind, as it cleverly makes me believe in what “I Think I sEE” versus believing in what “My Heart Already KNOWS”…

    Amy, Thank YOU for reminding us that “DWF” is just an illusion to keep us stuck!!!

    I’m choosing to leave my Mind behind & tune into my Heart; to allow miracles to manifest easefully…

    Amy, I say YES to Living from my HEART in LOVE!!! ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ