Do It because It Feels So Good to Do It!

Soul Self: Follow where I lead

human self: Wait, I have to do something first

Soul Self: Can you trust me to go with the flow with no thought of what you think you have to do or prove

human self: not sure

Soul Self: Have you ever wondered why?  If you look deep within and long enough to see why… you’ll find untruths which tell you that you have to do something in order to get something so you can be whatever it is you want to be

That false belief has kept you from seeing and experiencing all your heart desires

If you do something… in order to get something… so you can be something… that implies you don’t have it.  If you’re in the energy of not having (lack) how can you expect to see and experience more (abundance).  If you believe you can’t be what you desire to be until you have something that you don’t have that is entertaining a feeling of powerlessness which never does create desired outcomes

human self: I’ve noticed that

Soul Self: Why do you do the work you do

human self: Because I like it and of course to get paid money

Soul Self: What if you do it because it feels so good to do it

Instead of doing your work to get paid money… what if you do it because it feels so good to be of service to others and then Live in the Vibration of Abundance with money flowing freely into your hands in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis because this is the kind of world you live in

Instead of writing a book hoping it’ll make you successful… do it because it feels so good to create your inspiration and choose to Live in the Vibration of Success and Gratitude for all those who appreciate and purchase your book

Instead of exercising to get a fit and healthy body… do it because it feels so good to move your body and to take good care of yourself and decide to Live in the Vibration of Wellness and Perfect Health

Instead of getting up early in the morning because you have to… do it because it feels so go to wake up and find you are awake again and well and gifted another day to Live Alive fully and Be in the Vibration of Joy and Gratitude for all the good coming into your Life today

When you do it this way you raise your vibration

This way you are detached from any outcome. You are following your Heart living from Love which wants for nothing.  And as you do it only because it feels so good to do it you raise your vibration so high and you are now in alignment with your Heart Desires and they begin to show up for you in your Life as wonderful surprises as you receive your good in the most unexpected miraculous wondrous ways

There is nothing to get.  We live in a rich infinite unlimited Universe.  Everything is here. If you are not yet seeing and experiencing something you desire that simply means you are not in the vibration of it yet.  All the good stuff you desire lives in a high vibration.  You must rise to meet it in order to experience it in your Life!

Life is always giving you what you desire yet in order for you to receive it you must trust Life to guide you in the direction to where you can see and experience it.  Life is continually giving you signs… you simply have to pay attention… listen to your Heart and go with what feels good

Do it because it feels so good to do it and you will experience magic in your Life! As soon as what you’re doing gets attached to something you can get from doing what you’re doing the magic disappears because in that moment (from thinking what can I get like I don’t have already) you’ve lowered your vibration and therefore cut off the flow and the guidance.  Don’t do that!

And if it doesn’t feel good don’t do it.  Yet before you ‘think’ it doesn’t feel good ask your Heart.  Your mind may give you all kinds of reasons why it doesn’t feel like doing it yet it may just be what your Heart Desires on a deeper level.  Ask your Heart! It only takes a moment to bring your awareness out of your mind and into your Heart.  And as you connect to your Self remember to breathe as your open your Heart and Feel Your Answer

And this does not mean not to ask for anything.  Yes, ask!  Ask for all your Heart Desires! And even ask for something in return for what you do if you like or feel inspired.  Just in the act of doing it… don’t do it for the thing you expect to receive in return…. do it because it feels good and Feel the Difference it makes for You!

And Look for the Love in everything you do… You will always find it and it’ll make you feel so good every time… this is how you Do It Because It Feels So Good To Do It! And what’s Love got to do with it?  E v e r y t h i n g !

And now you are doing it for the Love of it… for the Joy of Expressing who you are in the act of doing it… and you look so good doing it… and I just love to see you feel so good :)

human self: Wow!!  You are so Amazing! I don’t know what I was thinking before!  I will follow your lead forever!

Soul Self: I Love You, too :-x


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