Devaluing Self

Devaluing Self

Is not acknowledging the Truth of who you are * not appreciating your Magnificence * not Celebrating your intrinsic Worthiness & not Honoring your Divine Self!

On a deeper level Devaluing Self is denying Love * feeling unworthy to receive Love *

The idea of whether or not you are worthy of Love is like asking if the ocean is worthy of water.
It IS water. You ARE Love ❤

Devaluing Self is the #5 Thing that Prevents Humans from Living Alive!


Here are the telltale signs:
• You say yes to others more than you say yes to your Self
• You sometimes blame and criticize your Self
• You have written off or even forgotten your dreams
• You deprive your gifts from being expressed
• You ignore who you are and what you came here to be


How could an Amazing Being like you ever treat your Brilliant Self that way? Humans devalue themselves when they feel unworthy. And one can only feel that way when one forgets his/her True Divine Identity!


So what is the remedy?

❤ Remember Who You Are! And don’t think about it… it’s impossible to remember who you are with the mind because the mind is limited. Who you are is unlimited and you can only feel the Truth of who you are with your Heart. Shift from mind consciousness to Heart consciousness and you will know you are a Divine Magnificent Creator of LOVE & Light and you can be & do anything!
❤ Allow your Self to Feel, Open your Heart & Live from your Heart! The journey back to your Self is inside you! And the only way to get inside is through an open Heart and the way to keep your Heart open is to allow your Self to Feel your emotions. It’s OK. Understand the purpose of all emotion is to guide you deeper inside to the Truth of Who You Are! Practice opening your Heart and keeping it open. And remember to think through your Heart not your mind. You can do it! And it will change your life 🙂
❤ Say YES to your Life & your Dreams! Why are you here? Who do you desire to be? What do you choose to do with your Life? And before you think the answer, Ask Your Heart! And really take the time to receive the answer. You are here for a reason and the reason is whatever you decide it is. Make a decision and begin Creating the Life you Dream of Now!!!

❤ Live from your Heart sharing your LOVE


And to assist you further, here are some declarations:

• Today I choose to recognize & honor my Divine Self. I rejoice in the Truth of Who I Am!
• I choose to Open my Heart more and more every day. I Feel with my Heart. I think through my Heart & I Live from my Heart
• As I practice keeping my Heart Open no matter what, my Energy Raises Sky High & I Feel tremendous Enthusiasm JOY & Love for my Self and for everyone and everything in my Life!
• I acknowledge and appreciate my Magnificence. I cherish and express my gifts. I treasure and live my dreams. I adore and embrace Life with my Heart & Soul. And I LOVE who I am.
• I say YES to my Self and my Dreams. I celebrate who I am and what I came here to be and I joyfully Create my glorious Life!



Be Who You Are!

Live In LOVE

❤ Amy 

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Thank you!!

3 Replies to “Devaluing Self”

  1. P.S. This made me cry Amy especially the first several sentences. Most of the time when I read this kind of thing about devaluing self, disrespecting self, condemning self, ashamed of self and distrusting self, tears start to come out – which proves that’s been my problem. It’s that guidance you’re talking about – the emotions guiding me to the truth, away from the lies about self. The tears come out and I wonder how I could have been so mean & unkind to self for so long. It’s caused so much chaos and suffering in my life but it’s such a relief I’m waking up, respecting and trusting myself more and bringing the suffering to an end!

    Thanks again for helping me to accomplish that Amy although I must again acknowledge that my own positive changes of attitude brought your help to me!
    Cheers, Danny

  2. Hi Amy, thanks so much for sending these to me and what you’re sending to others. This is a time in my life when reminders like this really, really help! It’s more of what I need to hear and what others need to hear too.

    You’re an angel, Amy. You’re a saint too. FYI, I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. But the words angel and saint sure fit. Of course, I must remember that I’m an angel and a saint too in my own unique way.. (everyone is. )..and that I need to give myself some credit too for manifesting you and your words in my life! Thanks for helping me and others remember to do that.

    Thanks Amy LOVE Huentelman!
    Thank you Amy Live Alive Huentelman!

  3. Amy–I Like This One today–After My Illness and Injury While on Duty-The Injury came first—Let me share this?

    I did NOT Understand this, But for years I was VERY Angry at myself-Loathed Me—And Worse-I did not know this–I sabataged me at every corner-To the outsider even to me it looked as I had sh-t luck—-My understanding of me-This Was recent—-Let me be frank–7 +years now-That cycle is Hell to break–BUT Perspective-I fall back on when I feel meself tumble—This was tough for me to say-It was Hell to comprehend–Talk about another Faux reason for self Loathing Eh’ But I can’t–As You Understand…. Thanks Amy.