Celebrate You!

Celebrate You!

I Love that you Celebrate birthdays, babies being born & holidays…
I want to know… when was the last time you Celebrated YOU?

You, Wise Being, understand the Power of Gratitude…
I want to know… do you understand the Magnitude of Celebrating Your Triumphs?

I listen to you giving thanks and you are full of appreciation…
I want to know… where’s the demonstration… where’s the freakin’ Party?

I hear you after you accomplish something huge thinking it wasn’t a big deal…
I want to know… who taught you to disregard your Victories?

I see you going over and over in your mind your perceived mishaps and failures…
I want to know… where is the same obsession for your Wins and Successes?

I watch you enthusiastically cheer others on for winning games…
I want to know… where’s the Applause for your Wins?

Celebrate You    

means to Honor, Rejoice, Recognize, & Praise… 

I want to know… when will You take the time to Honor Who You Are… Rejoice in Your New Awareness’s… Recognize Every Step that Moves You Forward… & Praise All Your Accomplishments?

So what is worth Celebrating?

Every Single Thing that reminds You of Who You Areevery new Awareness & Understandingevery time you grasp the Truth a bit moreevery time you Release that which you no longer require in your lifeall those Amazing Ah Ha momentswhen you thought you couldn’t and yet You Did!little Awakeningsknowing Fulfillmentwhen you Honor Your Wordwhatever makes you Laughwhen Things you’ve been wanting Show Up in your lifeanything that Opens your Hearttears of InspirationEye Opening events... every step that Moves You Forward on your phenomenal journeyevery time you Freely Express Your Selfevery time you Share Your Valuable Gifts& so much more!

& How is it to be Celebrated?

Like a child excited on Christmas morning… Like a mother welcoming her new child… Like YOU receiving Every Thing Your Heart Desires right Now!

By Rejoicing! Cheering! Jumping up & down!Dancing! Singing! Beating the drum!Letting loose! Applauding! Raising the Energy! Living it up! Laughing & Embracing!

I want YOU to knowYou are worth Celebrating!! So… CELEBRATE!!!

And the more You Celebratethe more you have to CELEBRATE!

You are an Amazing Creationa Magnificent Lifea Beautiful Soula Loving Spiritan Irresistible Being

Celebrate You!

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