Be Willing First!

Be Willing First Be Willing First!

Willing makes able so if you’d like to be able to be*do*have*enjoy* whatever your Heart desires * Be Willing First! 

Be willing to see what the mind says you cannot see.  Be willing to look beyond everything you’ve been told.  Be willing to wonder why somehow you know you can fly.  Be willing to question why you believe what you think you believe.  Be willing to forget about time right now & slow down enough to breathe so you can receive the message for you between the words.  Be willing to sit in silence listening to the stillness & the sound of your Soul whispering Wake up LOVE.  Be willing to feel whatever you are feeling.  Be willing to release anything that no longer serves who you are.  Be willing to see the light through the darkness.  Be willing to be LOVE.  Be willing to leave your mind for your Heart.  Be willing to let go of every single thing that ever made you feel less than love.  Be willing to forgive everyone who ever hurt you.  Be willing to understand there is nothing to forgive.  Be willing to know I love you even not knowing your name.  Be willing to see perhaps you feel like me we are the same.  Be willing to see your own Beauty & Magnificence.  Be willing to see all humans as beautiful exotic flowers all in various stages of growth.  Be willing to see you are so much more than you think.  Be willing to be more!


You must Be Willing to See More beyond what is to Know your Self by Heart

& to live your Soul Life, the life you came here to live

You must know your Self by Heart!


Willing means agreeable ready cheerful enthusiastic happy pleased prepared reliable zealous – which are all Feel Good ways of being!  And when you feel good you naturally Smile & Laugh and when you naturally smile & laugh you Open Your Heart and when you open your heart you Feel LOVE and when you feel love you Remember Who You Are and when you remember who you are You Are in Tune with your Soul and when you are in tune with your Soul you begin to Know your Self by Heart and when you know your Self by heart You are Able to be*do*have*enjoy* whatever your beautiful Heart desires!


“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked.
You must desire to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.


Nothing can keep you from being who you came here to be!  Nothing can keep you from seeing & experiencing your Dreams * only you and what you believe!  And you choose what you believe yet how can you believe if you just don’t believe?  Be willing to simply Be Willing First!  Because willing makes able and when you are able you allow your Self to be*do*have*enjoy* your Heart desires and in seeing & experiencing your Heart desires you begin to Believe in More than you did before you were willing.   Now you know more.  You can see further.  You open your Self to receive & believe in you!


When you become your Self nothing can keep you from being who you are!


Be willing to live within your Divine Self acknowledging your Power * your ability to change & create a world you love to see.  Be willing to live by your Truth being in your Joy * your ableness to experience delight in any moment of your life.  Be willing to live following your Intuition fully aware of your Light * your Inspiration guiding you in the direction of your dreams.  Be willing to live for your Expression expressing your Energy * your vitality for living Be willing to live from your Heart sharing your Love * your true expression.  Be willing to live inside your Imagination arousing your Creativity * your unique & valuable gifts.  Be willing to live manifesting your Greatness flourishing in your Abundance * all your heart desires!  This way you Live Your Soul Life * the life you came here to live!!!

Be Willing First!

Sending lots&lots&lots of LOVE to YOU 🙂


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