All The Answers Are Within You

TAKE A MOMENT and tune into this video of BEAUTIFUL nature.

Listen to the message as you watch. NOTICE WHAT YOU SEE AND FEEL.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Ever. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING INSIDE YOU. All the answers are within you.

You are supported. YOU ARE LOVED. You are not alone.

And to feel this and to know this all you gotta do is get out of your head and come down into your body. CONNECT WITH YOUR SELF. Feel your presence.

Be still. Be quiet. Go within and LISTEN. Breathe and open up space.

The only thing that keeps you from knowing who you are and being who you are is being disconnected from who you are. How can you BE WHO YOU ARE if you are disconnected from who you are?

The only thing that keeps us from being here (connected) all the time, the only thing that keeps us from our joy and our peace and our knowing and our creativity and our inspiration and everything JOYFUL AND LOVING AND BEAUTIFUL is resistance. And resistance can be released quickly easily and permanently with the breath.

Your breath is powerful. So POWERFUL. When you are in your body. You can’t be in your head doing this. You can’t think about it. You have to get into your power. Get out of your head and come down into your body FEEL YOUR PRESENCE. Connect with your Self.

Tune into what doesn’t feel good. Feel the energy. And. JUST BREATHE. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Connected breaths. Just meaning no holding only breathing in or out. Make the exhale longer the the inhale. Make a wind sound like you’re blowing out candles on your birthday cake. And KEEP BREATHING, Keep breathing until you feel a shift. Until you feel better. Until you feel lighter.

You’ll notice what’s BEAUTIFUL is that every time we release resistance we raise our vibration. And so you feel lighter. You feel more open. You feel more expansive. Every time we release resistance we raise our energy frequency.

Think of it like a radio station. When you’re tuned into one channel you can’t hear the other channel. So when we raise our frequency it’s like going to a higher channel. So now you’re on a different channel. So now you are thinking and feeling in ways that you didn’t a moment ago because you couldn’t. You were on a lower frequency. And now you’re in a higher frequency. So now your thoughts are more positive and more powerful. Well they are always powerful just now more creative.

Your thoughts are now more in alignment with what your HEART DESIRES. More uplifting. More focused on things that make you feel good. And you are feeling better. Notice how you are feeling. Feeling lighter, more open, more expansive, free.

And in this higher place, this higher vibration, this higher frequency, now you’re able to see things you couldn’t see just a moment ago. So you are SEEING THINGS IN A NEW WAY.

So you are thinking and feeling better. And you are seeing things in a new way, in a higher way that serves you.


I love you.
I love you.
I love you.


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