Mistrusting Self

The #3 Thing that Prevents Us from Living Alive – Mistrusting Self

…Doubting your ability to know what’s best for you… discrediting your ideas… and often in a state of indecision because you question your own judgment…

Telltale signs are:

  • You ask everyone for their opinion about what you should do
  • You frequently second guess yourself
  • You can’t seem to make up your mind
  • You procrastinate because you fear making the wrong decision
  • You feel frustrated because you’re not moving forward

What is the remedy?

  • Tune Into Your Inner Guide! Take time to be still… quiet the chatter… be willing to go inside to ask… and listen. You will always know the truth when it comes from deep within you.
  • Stop Asking For Advice! Accept responsibility for the running of your own mind. Remember… you were born to be you! Your mind was made to think your thoughts, not someone else’s thoughts.
  • Live Alive™ Following Your Intuition! Pay Attention when You have an Idea and follow through on it! Notice how good you feel. Write down your inspiration. This will increase your belief that you can trust yourself.

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