Limited Thinking

The #6 Thing that Prevents Us from Living Alive – Limited Thinking

Only seeing what is or what has been… living inside the proverbial box …any thought that discourages your dreams… stops you from loving who you are… keeps you from doing what you love and holds you back from freely expressing your Soul Self…

Telltale signs are:

  • You let your mind talk you out of things you would love to do
  • You create the same things/situations over and over
  • You allow yourself to be stopped easily
  • You find it difficult to believe in your dreams coming true
  • You have forgotten all about the power of your imagination

So What is the Remedy?

1st – Be Out Of Your Mind!  Use your mind never mind listening… listen to your heart… voice of your soul… to believe in your Self you must leave your mind for your heart

2nd – Write Your Inspiration on Paper!!  This will physicalize your dreams… and open the way for more inspiration… your inspiration lights the way for you… showing you the way to experience your heart desires

3rd – Live Inside Your Imagination… because your imagination is your creative playground where you can see and experience your heart desires and the more you see and experience your heart desires inside your imagination since the mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined your mind begins to BELIEVE what your HEART Knows


& to assist you further… here are some affirmations:

Today I choose to step inside my imagination to see & experience my heart desires

My words have tremendous power… I use my power wisely

I only think and say what I want to come my way

I now live in a high vibration of wonder & delight & I feel good & grateful

I am free to freely express my Soul Self


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