The #7 Thing that Prevents Us from Living Alive – DWF

…Doubt, Worry, Fear…

Telltale signs are:

  • You question your Self more than you listen to your Self
  • You vacillate between feeling mad bad sad and seldom you feel glad
  • You find it not so easy to relax and live in the present moment
  • You buy the lies in the mind over acknowledging the truth in your heart
  • You sometimes feel scattered and uncertain about things

So What is the Remedy?

1st – Pay Attention to Your Dreams!  Your dreams remind you of who you are!  And when you pay attention to your dreams you automatically see and experience your dreams inside your imagination… and the more you see & experience your dreams inside your imagination the more you see & experience your dreams in your life!

2nd – Remember Your FTL – Faith Truth Love… Faith is your Belief and you choose what you believe in… Truth is knowing who you truly are… Love is your very essence… Decide to have Faith in your Truth expressing Love… and watch what happens… miracles and magic in your life!

3rd – Live Manifesting Your Greatness!  Your Greatness is YOU Freely Expressing Your Magnificent Self as You Create your Dreams from your Heart… this way you flourish in your Abundance which means you continually see and experience ALL YOUR HEART DESIRES…

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