Distracting Habits

The #4 Thing that Prevents Us from Living Alive – Distracting Habits

…Any habitual thought or action… that distracts you from doing what you love… and freely expressing who you are!

Telltale signs are:

  • You wonder why you aren’t doing what you love
  • You have thoughts that keep you from opening your mind
  • You find yourself engaged in activities that interfere with your Higher Calling
  • You feel conflicted between what your mind says and what your heart knows
  • You spend more moments focused on doubts and obstacles than you do focused on your dreams

What is the remedy?

  • Get Very Real with Yourself! Examine your habits… what are you thinking… what are you doing… and what do you love. Make changes wherever necessary so that your thoughts and your actions are in harmony with what you love.
  • Take Control of Your Mind! Remember… thoughts lead to feelings lead to action… and repeated action becomes a habit… which leads to your life results. Use this proven formula to create the results you love.
  • Live Alive™ For Your Expression! What can you habitually think and do that will move you in the direction of living your dreams? Tune into your Inner Guide… receive the answer… and honor your Self by expressing your Soul’s wisdom.

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