A New Thought

A New Thought

Isn’t it W o n d e r f u l 
how in any moment
At any time any place
You can change your mind simply by thinking
A New Thought

And isn’t it Fantastic
This Ability you have
To be able to think whatever you desire to think
No matter who is there what‘s going on when where or why
You can choose
A New Thought

And you know how thoughts become things in your life
And you know how what you believe means everything
And you know a belief is simply a thought you kept thinking over and over and over… so if it’s not serving you you can change it so why not change it now 😉 And you know if you keep thinking what you’ve always thought then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got…:O And you know every static condition in your life is the result of not remembering to create A New Thought! 

Isn’t it Magnificent
Your DIVINE Free Will
Gives You the POWER to Change:^O
And it begins with
A New Thought

So Dear B r i l l i a n t One
What is the thought
You would like to change
And what do you get out of having that thought
And what will you have when You are F R E E to accept
A New Thought

Is it really this simple…?:|
Yes It Is
And if you think otherwise
Well, you know what to do
Consider your happiness…:-D
Remember who you are
And command
A New Thought

You are Amazing:-x
You are Creative
You are Powerful
You are Knowing
You are Wise
You are Love In Expression giving Life to      

A New Thought

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