What Does Your Heart Say

What Does Your Heart Say?

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Growing up… whenever I wanted to have something or do something or go somewhere… before I could move forward I had to see if I was allowed… I had to get permission from either my mom or my dad… and I was in the habit of always asking my dad first because I knew if I caught him at just the right moment he’d say OK to whatever I was asking… yet most of the time he’s say ‘Go Ask Your Mom’. I sensed he did that because he wasn’t sure he would give me the right answer… he believed my mom knew so much more what was best for me than he did.

I was being reminded of this in the exact moment my imagination painted this picture of “What if every time you go to your mind first to ask a question… your mind automatically responds with ‘Go Ask Your Heart’… and in that instant You Are in Your HEART Receiving the Best Answer for You.”

Have you ever noticed how the mind can doubt and question and Your Heart just Knows… and have you ever compared how it feels to doubt and question in your mind verses how it Feels so Wonderful to just Know and Be in your Heart… and in Being Aware of This… does it make sense to be in your mind all the time listening to your mind think… When You can just as easily CHOOSE to Hang out in Your HEART all the time Where the LOVE IS… Listening to your Soul Enlighten and Illuminate Your Way

So anytime you have a question or are wondering if something is true or not or just want to know how you can feel good right now… Go Ask Your Heart… see how your heart feels about it… and if it’s OK with your heart then you know it’s for your best and highest good… and you can move forward with full faith and knowing… how good is that?

And very soon… You are in the habit of going straight to your heart first for everything… which as you know… is The Voice of your Soul… and you know what will happen as you are in the habit of always asking your heart first… it’s not just that You’ll be Guided to everything your Soul desires and Know More Joy than you’ve ever ImaginedYour Heart will Begin to Open More and More… and You’ll Feel tremendous LOVE overflowingan Amazing ENERGY emanating from your HEART with your Creativity bubbling over because You Are Allowing Your Magnificent Soul It’s True Expression.

So any time you have a question, decision to make or anytime you’re feeling anything less than love… Go To Your Heart… What Does Your Heart Say

LOVE YOU* lots&lots&lots
~Amy Huentelman

Lovingly reminding you to Live Alive from your Heart*

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