Live a lie or Live Alive!

Live a lie or Live Alive!

is a choice we make in every moment. And how can we tell what we are choosing? Easy. Living a lie feels bad. Living Alive feels good!

Living a lie feels heavy. Living Alive feels light. Living a lie is living from the mind in fear. Living Alive is living from the Heart in LOVE.

Yet here’s the dilemma – Living from our Heart in Love requires we keep our heart open in a world where we’ve been conditioned to keep our heart closed. And when our heart is closed we cut off our connection to our inner guidance so we listen to the mind thinking we’re it believing what it says must be true.

When we don’t listen to our Inner Guide, when we don’t Pay Attention to our Dreams, when we don’t Live from our Heart we begin sleep living cleverly pretending everything is fine distracted by habits that reinforce limited thinking which lead to mistrusting and devaluing Self and then DWF (that’s doubt worry fear) becomes a constant companion. Living that way prevents us from Living Alive! Living that way causes suffering & confusion. Living that way is very hard and tiring. Living that way causes humans to give up and forget about their dreams. I know because that use to be me. And I don’t think there is a more frightening feeling than feeling like you’ve given up on your Self. Some have buried their dreams so deep they don’t even realize they have yet they feel something is missing. That is not only disheartening it’s unnatural.

We all have the power to create an Amazing Life. It’s not in some of us. It’s in all of us!

What if nothing has to be how you think it has to be or how you’ve been programmed to believe it has to be * What if YOU DECIDE * limited and bound OR LIMITLESS & FREE * what feels lighter? If it feels light & good you can feel this is your TRUTH. If it feels heavy & bad you can feel it’s a LIE. Yet we’ve been told that if we feel bad then something must be wrong and then we wonder what’s wrong and if you ask that to your mind it will give you an entire list of what’s wrong. How does that feel? What if instead you choose what feels light for you knowing light is your Truth & will always guide you in the direction of your dreams!

What is your dream? What does your Heart truly desire? Are you listening?

I grew up with the crazy belief that dreams only came true if you are very lucky and I was always afraid I could never be that lucky so I tried to forget about my dream. One day my Inner Guide asked me a question.

What if you gave up on your dream only to find out at the very end of your life you could have made your dream come true!

That would be really awful I thought yet how do I do it? 2 things my inner voice said.

1 – You’re trying to get the answer from your mind which you’ll never find there b/c your mind cannot comprehend who you are & what you are capable of. Tuning into your Heart is where you’ll find the way to make your dreams come true.

2 – When you become more focused on why you have your dream in the first place the how will take care of itself. Because remembering why ignites your passion. And your passion gives you the energy to fuel your power to make your dreams come true.

Live Alive is a call for you to wake up to your life snap out of the lie and get very real with your Self. There is no time to wait. The time is right now for you to be out of your mind and tune into your inner guide so you remember who you are and pay attention to your dreams. This way you naturally become who you are meant to be loving everything you be and do while always giving your Self the freedom to be who you are!

Spirit: You are not who you think you are

Human: Show me who I am

Spirit: You must be willing to
Let go of who you think you are

Human: And how do I do this?

Spirit: Let go of all thought &
Don’t let the mind catch you
As you relax into your body *
Breathe * close your eyes &
Open your Heart *
Now look at your Self
Through eyes of LOVE *
& SEE who YOU truly are!


Spirit: Yes YOU Are ❤

Are you ready to live this way?
Stay tuned for more LIVE ALIVE!

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I Believe in LOVE
I Believe in YOU

Live in Love
❤ Amy

6 Replies to “Live a lie or Live Alive!”

  1. Dearest Amy,

    I’m choosing to “Live Alive” as I become more consciously aware of living with an Open Heart from L-O-V-E!!! ❤

    Amy, I too Believe…

    “We all have the power to create an Amazing Life. It’s not in some of us. It’s in all of us!”

    Amy, Thank YOU for being Who YOU ARE!!! And, allowing “Divine” to move through YOU… ❤

    From my Heart to Yours,

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~Love & Light~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    • Dearest Bell,

      Always LOVE & appreciate your wonderful comments!

      Thank YOU so much for Being who You are here with us ❤

      Beautiful Blessings to you Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  2. Dear Amy, thank you for your TIMELY inspiration! I hope your web site gets some good traffic!

    • Dear Dianne,

      You’re welcome * So happy you stopped by today!
      And I appreciate your kind comment so very much ❤

      Beautiful Blessings to you Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  3. Hi Amiable Amy, thank you so much for all of this!
    Thank you for all of these lovely and truth-ringing reminders.

    Your reminders and other such reminders of others help chip away at my self-encasings of dirty ice of self-misunderstanding, self-ignorance and the associated fear, self-disrespect and self-doubt.

    Be Well,

    Danny A
    Edmonton, Canada 🙂

    • Hi Danny 🙂

      You are so welcome & thank you for being here!

      Keep coming back for more ❤

      Beautiful Blessings to you Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ